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  1. mandt added a post in a topic Google Sync: Now with push Gmail support   

    Hello all @ MoDaCo!!

    It's been a while since I posted (over a year I think), and in the meantime I've got married, had another child, new job etc etc...I still check in from time to time to keep up with what's going on though, and still stay loyal to all things WinMo and haven't been tempted by al the pretenders :D

    Anyway back on track........Gmail with proper Exchange! Awesome!

    Actually not quite for me, all my mails have their attachments removed, I have tried toggling the settings, have the phone set to download the complete message, have removed and re-created the partnership, all to no avail. Every mail I receive has it's attachment removed, what am I missing??

    If anyone has any ideas I'd be glad to hear them

    Many Thanks from a frustrated (and once very frequently posting) user :)

    Phone is Touch Diamond BTW, in compact IV form with T-Mo 1.93 ROM
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  2. mandt added a post in a topic Stop notification of sent SMS   

    Check this page out:

    near the bottom under miscellaneous
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  3. mandt added a post in a topic Total Commader utility download location?
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  4. mandt added a post in a topic Unreead sms/mms but nothing shown   

    Oddly enough I've just had this problem for the last week, non eof the usual fixes would clear it, until this afternoon I when got an MMS form a friend that I'd originally received weeks ago.....Problem now gone :D , Network fart perhaps?
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  5. mandt added a post in a topic BOREDEM!!!!!   

    Ooh I just took redundancy too, only last week!!

    Being bored at work sucks, I have even been known to visit wikipedia and hit 'random article' repeatedly until something vaguely interesting comes up :D
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  6. mandt added a post in a topic To touch or enhanced?
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  7. mandt added a post in a topic How Can I Use HTC Touch As USB Flash Memory?   

    There's a free app hosted here on MoDaCo, WM5torage, which I used to use with varied success.

    However for me it just wasn't reliable enough (I need this function almost daily) so I purchased Softick Card Export, which IMO is just leagues ahead, 15 euros for it is peanuts IMO and it works flawlessly for me every time :D
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  8. mandt added a post in a topic Customisations   

    My Mobiler is perfect for screenshots, and much more!
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  9. mandt added a post in a topic Customisations   

    Read post five in this thread, I wrote it for cLaunch but the process is the same :D
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  10. mandt added a post in a topic Customisations   

    You need to make a .dll that holds the icon you want to use, and put an icon.lnk file, set to hidden, that points to the dll in the start menu folder you want to customise
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  11. mandt added a post in a topic De-Brand your Vario III - Part two   

    ^^I'm in that club^^

    Changed the buttons for the default ones, hated 'em and stuck the originals back in.

    Search for my thread 'I nearly took my Kaiser apart'
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  12. mandt added a post in a topic Loading Touch Settings on device   

    The default file explorer probably won't let you,

    I would recommend Resco Explorer, you can get a trial but I would seriously advocate purchasing it as it is pretty much a must have app IMO
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  13. mandt added a post in a topic ROM: TLR Kaiser WinMo 6.1 - VF ROM / Radio, HTC OEM + CF 3.5 + more   


    Glad to see you're keeping an eye on this thread :D Loving this ROM

    I would dearly love to see a Lite version, No HTC Home, Messenger etc, just the bare basics

    Any chance?
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  14. mandt added a post in a topic MDA TOUCH   


    The default Blue HTC icons can easily be found on the web, Use a better File Explorer such as the excellent Resco Explorer to overwrite the originals

    Before replacing the HTC Home icons disable it in Start>Settings>Today
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  15. mandt added a post in a topic VARIOIII TMOBILE HARD RESET W/O CUSTOMISATIONS   

    Go to Start>Settings>Power>Advanced and see if the 'When Device is turned on, do not charge battery.....' is checked
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