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  1. MCR r22.1 archive

    Any word on a fix for MMS for us using U.S. T-mobile?
  2. Anyone having problems with MMS? Seems to not send, then disappear from the conversation
  3. MCR r22.1 archive

    This is the one that worked for me. You should start another thread because I know there are a lot of people using US t-mobile with this problem. Good job
  4. MCR r22.1 archive

    Nexvision. It worked! At first I got a sim card missing error, but then I restarted the phone and it works. Thanks again
  5. MCR r22.1 archive

    No error message when restoring the APN When sending mms, It just says unable to send. Tries again, then permanent failure. Thanks
  6. MCR r22.1 archive

    Nexvision. I used the app and restored with the linked file, but mms still doesn't send. Any other suggestions?
  7. MCR r22.1 archive

    I've been searching and trying different APN settings but can't get MMS to work (send) Does anyone using T-mobile in the US have mms working using this rom?
  8. MCR r22.1 archive

    Yes, I have problems receiving low quality mms with those settings. I always have using the Desire messaging app. I've tried different setting as well, where one worked, but then my internet didnt work. In the end I ended up going back to the Nexus messaging app. I wonder if it has to do with US T-mobile, where it doesnt recognize the Desire phone ID?? I hope Paul puts that as an option in the kitchen soon.
  9. MCR r22.1 archive

    With these settings aren't your MMS pictures really low quality?
  10. MCR r22.1 archive

    I've never been able to get sms and mms to work flawlessly. The only solution has been to use the native messaging app when baking the Rom.
  11. MCR r22.1 archive

    Anyone getting Fc when accessing settings- account and sync?
  12. MCR r22.1 archive

    So I've been using R21 for a couple of weeks now. I've finally gotten BT working reliably with the methods posted. GV seems to be woprking withe the latest version as well. I'm using UV 850 kernel without problems with improved battery. Also using Autokiller with very noticeable improvement in lag. As far as BT, I turn the BT device on and ready to pair. Then I turn the BT on the phone. Click on Discover, click on scan. Once it finds it, click on pair, then unclick discover. Once I have it on the list of paired devices, all I have to do to reconnect is click on discover, then click on the device in the list. Then uncheck discover. Sometimes I can reconnect just by pressing on the listed device.
  13. Desire and Soft Keys

    Haven't noticed any downsides. Perhaps better battery life?
  14. MCR r22.1 archive

    Maybe you were abducted by aliens and taken to korea for alien experiments. And when you were taken back, your phone never updated back. That's the only logical explanation.
  15. Desire and Soft Keys

    If your talking about the lighting only, and not the actual functionality of the buttons when pressed, its a known issue. Some have no problems and some can't get it to work. I never really paid attention to it before, but I noticed that after flashing the UV-850 undervolted kernel (available in xda), mine lights up under proper lighting conditions (ie dark room).