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  1. Snooze (alarm)

  2. I haven't looked at snooze's source code in ages. To tell the truth I don't even have a smartphone anymore. I'll attach the most recent source code I have incase someone wants to continue development, or have a laugh at it, steal bits from it, whatever. I did end up putting in the touchscreen support, so this version has that. It was never tested very thoroughly tho. Outlook can make an appointment that occurs every second Friday, just make the appointment in Outlook and sync the calendar with your phone. My Nokia 6500 Slide has that feature in it's standard calendar, so you could just get one of those, it's a very nice phone.
  3. I've never tested it on 4.20, but there's no particular reason why it shouldn't work. Have you got the .NET Compact Framework installed on the CE 4.20 phone? [Edit] Oh, I just remembered, the fmod dll included with the install is specific to WM5, for WM2003 you need to download a different fmod dll from their web page. (or org, or something, just google it, lol)
  4. Snooze should give you an error if it can't find the fmod dll, so the only other thing I can think of is maybe fmod doesn't work with the Moto Q 9h, have you tried using any other programs that use fmod for sounds?
  5. imate SP5

    I have a 2Gb card in mine, works fine. Have you tried another card? Maybe that one has a fault? Also, I've noticed that if I reformat some USB devices to FAT32 (instead of FAT) they become very slow to write to. Have you reformatted your card in a PC?
  6. This is a blatant plug for my (free) alarm program, Snooze. ;)
  7. I'm not sure how many other people have experienced randon lockups while using Snoose, specifically while playing alarms or queueing multiple sound alarms. It has always been a major annoyance for me but I had no clue what was causing it. Anyway, I fixed a major hidden bug and after testing for a week I'm pretty sure I have eliminated the lockups. If anyone else has experienced these and would like to test, I'd love to hear some feedback. I've also added an option for 24 hour time, select it in the Options form. Once I get a couple of confirmartions re the lockup bug I'll post 1.3.1 in the downloads section. This is intended to be the final version of Snooze (unless someone sends me some code to override the keypad lock). File removed. please get 1.3.1 from the download section. (I'd still appreciate comments confirming that the lockup bug is fixed, or not)
  8. I decided to do a little more work on Snooze, so here's the latest version. I've tested it myself, but I'd like a few other people to test it as well before I put it in the downloads page. The changes are: Vibrate again (I lost the source code for the last vibrate version, and the new code is better anyway) Treeview file browser Better storage card code, the program will now find the storage card independantly of where it's installed Bug fix where a sound would keep playing when you closed the Options window Tweak to provide a better interface when changing the alarm action Removed check for old alarms stored in registry I've removed the files. Please get v1.3 from the downloads section
  9. Yeah, that feature is the only one on my original list that I never managed to work out how to implement. Speaking of adding features, it's been ages since I've even looked at the code for Snooze. If anyone would like the source code to continue the development please let me know. The only condition being that you post any new versions here so that others can continue to download it for free. Or, is there any sort of open source source control place someone can suggest that I can upload it to?
  10. I guess I could put it as an action, but I thought it worked better as an addition to the sounds. One of the new volume options is 1%, which you virtually can't hear unless your in a quiet room, so you could set the volume to that if you wanted just vibrate. Also, you can press any of the number pad keys to snooze for the default snooze length, you only need the menu if you want to snooze for a non-default time. That was one of the features I wanted that prompted me to develop it in the first place. :rolleyes: Lastly, you realise this plays MP3's too right?
  11. Here's a version with vibrate. I'm still testing it, but let me know what you think. Oh, and I changed the alarm volume options. Old alarms will still have their old volume options, but if you edit them you'll need to pick a new volume unless they are set to Full.
  12. Hi golgotha, Thanks for your comments. I have added the vibrate functionality, and hopefully finally found the bug that causes the sound not to play sometimes. I want to test this for a few days, then I'll post the new version in the downloads section.
  13. Do you have compact framework 2.0 installed?
  14. Without a Motorola phone myself it's hard to say what the problem is. I've made a test version for you to try. It loops the sound in a different way, which I hope will fix the problem, and also displays a message saying "Snooze is exiting cleanly." just before it closes. That way you can tell if it is really dismissing the alarm or if it's crashing. Let me know if it works, and also if you always see the exiting message.
  15. lol, your just lucky that my new flatmate moves in today so I'm sitting around waiting for him. :) PS. Here's a version with the Automatic profile option.

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