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  1. @mods can i use this recovery on the V9s he light tAB3? pls inform! as iam looking for a recovery to backup my device before trying to load a custom rom! WBR ReyTech.
  2. [The Help Thread]

    hi! i need to get a clean rom (prefereably stock) with french langauge in it! can u help me out? WBR Reytech. :mellow:
  3. can u pls share here a NOOBS guide as to how to get the other langauages shown in the the phone with editing the build.prop? like which fields have to be changed and do we reboot after everyfield we edit or in the end! i need to install french langauge in this phone! WBR ReyTech.
  4. @mods do any of these roms have french language in them? if yes then pls do inform me! WBR ReyTech.
  5. @mods pls help me find a stock ROM with french language in it! or any good_stable ROM with french ! WBR reytech
  6. @mods does this rom have arabic support for the samsung i9023 nexus? pls inform? WBR ReyTech.
  7. @mods_ALL i have a x1 xeperia which was german rom with german layout (QWERTZ) keyboard and i flashed this rom(APP_SW_X1i_GENERIC_UK_1213-6450_CDF1215-1832_KOV_R1AA017) but this did change my keyboard to QWERTY but characters "Y" and "z" as when i press Y i get Z and when i press "Z" i get "Y" and i need to fix these problem! so pls let me know how to do it! i did try to change the keyboard to english with the manual in the first post of this thread but its still the same! actually the phone had a german rom and i flashed it with UK generic rom thru SD card! so pls any solution would be appreciated! io tried to search but its damn confusing! so pls inform! WBR ReyTech.

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