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  1. Confirming - works fine. Just did a hangout video-call from my N4 (JR11) to my wife's GN (JR17) - no problem.
  2. Didn't do much testing, but so far - no problems whatsoever. I saw on XDA that .33 radio had some problems, and there were numerous recommendations to use .27, thats what I tried, and it is looking good.
  3. I don't seem to be able to turn on LTE on this version. Worked just fine on previous version which was based on 4.2.1. I am on Rogers in Canada btw... As usual, going to Phone Settings, instead of default "WCDM preferred" selecting "LTE only", but it does not stay, it jumps back to "WCDMA preferred". Same if I choose "LTE/GSM/CDMA auto (PRL)" - does not stay, goes back to WCDMA. Looks like latest version of radio has LTE removed. Has nothing to do with Paul's build... Can we have a previous version of radio as an option in kitchen? Ok, I just flashed .27 version of radio, and LTE is back! :)
  4. Same for me! I replaced it by Trinity kernel for 4.2, ALPHA0 - so far so good. At least it does not hang anymore (as it did on Franco r37 every 15 minutes).
  5. Ok, resolved. I killed and reset Google+, and after that Instant Uploads were back to normal.
  6. I can't enable Instant Uploads. Actually, it is enabled in settings the same way as I always had it on other rom versions and phones, (G+ settings - Instant Upload enabled, Accounts settings - Sync enabled). But it just does nothing. Normally I wouldn't care less, I prefer to sync my pcis with Dropbox and DropSync anyway, but I am trying to play with photosphere camera feature, and for that I need it to sync to G+ (the only plae on computer where it is possible to see photosphere). So far - unable to do that. My Instant Uploads folder stays old, no updates from Dec 15. I even tried to force-sync eveything in G+/Settings/Instant Upload/Upload All. It starts and just hangs on first 5-6 pics. What am I missing?!
  7. Didn't find by searching... Anybody else have it that camera instant upload feature does not work here? Turning it On, taking a pic, but nothing happens.
  8. Hi guys, Is there any way to automatically unlock keyboard after accepting incoming call? I keep my SMT5600 locked (keyboard) all the time. But when there is an incoming call - I accept the call, but after that, keyboard stays locked. Sometimes some automatic systems calls - like bank, or anything which requires menu navigation (press 1 to do this, 2 to do that...) and I have to manually unlock keyboard. On my old and simple/primitive Nokia keyboard unlocks itself in the same situation, and stays unlocked untill I hang-up. How can I do the same on 5600?
  9. Yes, I've tried to search for it. Nothing. And it's not in My Documents - checked it first... Damn, looks like it is something specific for 22xx (2210 or 2215 - they are the same), or maybe just my ipaq. Tried to do the same transfer from SMT5600 to i-mate PDA2k - got file on pda2k just fine.
  10. Guys, Probably a stupid question... Trying to transfer files between iPaq 2210 and Audiovox SMT5600 by BT or IR. iPaq -> SMT - no problem, files are in "My Documents" on the phone Storage (though, some problems with BT, but does not matter at the moment) Problem is in SMT -> iPaq. Transfer seems to be Ok (bt), at the end iPaq displays the message, that Pocket Outlook has no idea what kind of file is this (funny - just simple JPG), and offers to Save or Discard file. Click on Save - and... where the hell my file?! Tried to search everywhere with FileExplorer/RescoExplorer and in ActiveSync mode - nothing, file is not found anywhere! What is the default location for received files on iPaq?
  11. Well, when I tried this program for the first time - I didn't even have storage card yet (no miniSD in the phone). So, all my ringtones were on on phone's storage. Let's see - here is a picture of "Explore" in ActiveSync: Now, on "Storage card" - there is no "Application data", and no ringtones. Here is an error message:
  12. Hi! Not sure is it the same everywhere or specific per carrier. I'm with Rogers, which was part of AT&T some time ago. To turn Forward On: *21*nnn# (nnn - any phone number) Forward Off: #21# Well, I did some googling, looks like this codes are different everywhere. For example, Verizon has *72nnnn to turn On forward, and *720 to turn it Off. Could you implement this numbers configurable? Btw, there are 3 different forwards: 1) Immediate Forward On/Off, 2) No-answer forward on/off, 3) Busy call forward on/off. Personally - I use only simple forward (first one). Thanks!
  13. Download an xml from your phone to PC, open it in any text editor of your choice, open Google-Translate, and translate :-)
  14. Hi guys, I've tried Autoflight - extremely usefull program! Just one question. Every evening when I'm back home - I'm forwarding my cell to home phone number, and every morning - turning forward Off. I was wondering - is it possible to use Autoflight to do that? There is an option to run a program on schedule, but forward on/off is done by calling special number/code, not by any program run. Autoflight does not call numbers. So, may be there is a small program which could call a number from parameters, so it will be possible to run this program from Autoflight? Thanks!
  15. Hi guys, I hope this is the right forum to ask for a help :-) Well, I've got SMT5600 2 days ago, created bunch of ringtones, and decided that I want to listen to my creations instead of waiting before this one contact with this assigned ringtone will call me. So, I wanted something which will toss my ringtones and play them all in random order on any call. Looks like an asnwer for this - some small software - "Ringtone Randomizer". Well, bough it from Handango, run, and... Error message! It says: "Incorrect path \Storage\Application Data\Sounds" But it IS a correct path, and I've definitely specified my phone model while selecting version of this program. So, anybody has similar problem or has some idea what to do? I've already send a message to the author of the program, but so far - no response. Thanks!