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  1. 70+ MB free ram on boot. very fast and stable. issue: lock button (short press) puts the phone to sleep and it never wakes up. Have to take out the battery and reboot. :(
  2. flashed successfully using this guide. i would recommend that you put the steps to using octans as well cause the first time samsung users like me have to search quite a bit to get that working.
  3. prajith

    Best messenger for vox / WM

    check out Fring if you want VOIP support. IM+ if you just need the messenger. Both are the best in their respective fields.
  4. thats because your device is not properly unlocked. try using the windows powertoy to totally unlock the device you can find it here after turning the security off soft reset and TPC will work fine :D
  5. prajith

    Stereo Bluetooth Headset

    I got my Jabra BT3030 yesterday and they sound brilliant with my Vox. the earbuds with the headset are not that great with bass but I had a pair of panasonic earbuds with me and now the combination is awesome. :D
  6. but why would you set it below 168 Mhz ? that will just hang up your device. Its not going to save your battery by that much... :D
  7. prajith

    Stereo Bluetooth Headset

    I am buying the all the Jabra BT3030 :D
  8. here you go.... :D HTC_Green_Home.rar
  9. prajith

    Few problems with my E650...

    I guess a hard reset will help with your issues.
  10. prajith

    Phone randomly switches off

    does this happen everytime?
  11. prajith

    Paul's HTC S710 de-Brand Pack

    no updates yet :)
  12. prajith

    S710 vs 8525

    so far i am satisfied with my S710. and I am a very heavy texter and i use my S710 as my music player with a bluetooth stereo headset as far is speed is concerned, u can overclock a bit. no problems so far :)
  13. I tried this and this is buggy I could not type when replying to an sms after a popup I had to close the messaging app from the task manager and start again to reply :)
  14. this is really slick :)
  15. the highest stable speed that i have seen is 264Mhz on the vox. it should work fine at that speed, but i guess it overheats a little when at that speed along with wifi. so if you use your phone a lot, use a lower speed 228Mhz is absolutely safe for continuous use.