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  1. I can' get a signal at home

    I have now heard from Orange and they agree that it is a blackspot but (surprise, surprise) they tell me that this is no reason to cancel the contract and I will have to pay the balance to get out of it. The guy on the phone agreed that this seemed unfair but he was told that there was no option. He kindly arranged for me to switch to the lowest possible tarrif and so I have 6 months left at £13 per month (which is better than nothing) in the meantime I will just get a cheap Vodaphone phone (free hopefully) and try the sim in the SPV with the settings from elsewhere in this site and then use a redirection of calls from my current mobile to the new one so that I can then finally use a mobile phone at home. Shame but better than nothing and with a bit of luck I will still have my SPV and all it's wonderful features? Please correct me if I am wrong about my assumption that I can use a vodaphone sim (when the SPV has been unlocked) and still get all of the features working (MMS/GPRS etc.) Thanks for the help guys (as usual)
  2. I can' get a signal at home

    Hi, I have just been in touch with Orange again as the other transmitter started on Friday and no change in the signal. This guy was more helpful and stated that even with it down there are others that I should have been able to use (talking sense unlike the others). I explained that it is not just my handset as others can't get an Orange sugnal in the premises either. He said that he wanted the Orange technical department to just check out the equipment and finished off by saying "If they confirm that it is a signal problem and not a handset problem then he will talk to me about terminating the contract as they have failed to provide a service". I won't count my chickens just yet, but it does look like I was right in the fact that the contract is not binding if I cannot use my phone at home in an area that Orange claim that they cover. I will let you know what happens. Cheers Steve Birchall
  3. I can' get a signal at home

    Hi, Poor reception I can accept, but I have been here three weeks and not had a single bar or received a single call (not even voicemail) As for redirecting of course that would work fine but the cost of the redirection is very high, you have to pay for the redirection at the rate of the phone call even though people are ringing me. thanks for your thoughts Steve Birchall
  4. I can' get a signal at home

    I agree they don't claim 100% coverage everywhere, but they do claim to have coverage in the area that I live in (heathrow airport area). There is also a standard legal right for an item you have purchased to be fit for use, it is quite reasonable to expect to be able to use your phone at home in an area that they claim to cover. If not then the item is not fit for the purpose it was purchased for. A tenuous legal argument perhaps but one worth pursuing. Regardless of the legal situation, I would have hoped (naively I suppose) that they would have seen this as a customer satisfaction situation and understand that I am quite rightly unhappy with the service they are (or in this case - are not) providing and stop fobbing me off with "there is a transmitter down in your area it will be fine soon". Or am I just expecting too much?
  5. I can' get a signal at home

    Thanks, I realise that I can pay the remainder and cancel it but I don't see why I should when it is because of Orange that the phone is useless when I am at home. Surely the contract is for them to provide a service and they are not providing it and so they have broken that contract. Cheers Steve Birchall
  6. Hi, I like the SPV a lot, it could be better but it does all I need it to do. BUT (and it is a big BUT), I have just moved home and I am in a black hole as far as reception is concerned. I have just taken over a village pub and the regulars have told me that it is almost impossible to get a signal on most networks, especially Orange. I rang Orange a couple of weeks back and was told "Oh there are some transmitters down and they will be all up in a few days". I waited and waited and still no signal. I rang back on Tuesday and was told "Oh there is a transmitter down and it will be up on Friday". I pointed out that it is a black hole and it has always been like that, but I was told "There is a transmitter down and it will be back up on Friday". Being the mild mannered sort of person that I am I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. I am convinced that it will make no difference but I am prepared to give it a try. If I cannot get a signal at home then what is the point of having a phone? I want to terminate my contract (it is of no use to me), any idea of where I stand on this? Anyone had similar problems? Any suggestions? My ideal solution is to keep my SPV and for Orange to do something about the signal, but if they don't I would want to try Vodafone etc. (as some of these actually do manage to get a signal through to my home). Cheers Steve B :)
  7. I often see negative comments about Orange, many of them justified. But I do think that they have earned a few "brownie points" back with this one. It is so simple that it is scary !!! Thanks Orange and thanks to members of this Forum that have contributed to the pressure on Orange to be a bit more realistic. Steve B
  8. replacement screen

    Hi, I need one too (and also details of how to fit it please) Did yours get scratched? I put my SPV in my pocket and walked around for 10 minutes and when I took the phone out it had serious scratches on the screen. BOY is that screen soft!!!! Has anyone else scratched theirs? Is there any way of repolishing it with any kind of solution etc.? Thanks Steve B
  9. Sorry guys but the instructions I have seen (Including the Picture one given by Ritchie M) do clearly state "You can make Orange Backup and you can use ActiveSync backup". (pasted from the picture guided version). and "Update your phone through orange and do orange backup and acti sync backup." taken from the method 2 version on coolsmartphone.com (formerly born sloppy). Ok so you cannot do a backup on active sync and these guys MIGHT be meaning using the explorer to copy files but it doesn't read that way to someoone who is struggling to get this done. I am very "computer literate" but I have struggled (as I am sure many of you are too) to get this done and I just get fed up of reinstalling all of my software every time. I know that I have to keep trying to get the timing right so I will persevere and I WILL manage to do it, it is just that active sync backup would have saved such a lot of effort (I used to use it with my Motorola accompli and it worked great). Thanks to everyone for trying to help, this is a great group of forums, long may it reign. Steve B
  10. Hi, I meant backup/restore (brain fade !) Why then are the guys who are knowledgable enough to give us full lists of every step to take to unlock the phone, suggesting that we backup with active sync if it doesn't work? Does this mean that I am following instructions on how to do something as complicated as unlocking the phone, from someone who doesn't even know that you can't use active sync backup????? Steve B
  11. Hi, I want to unlock my SPV but when I go into the menu on Active sync, unlock/restore is greyed out and can't be selected? I have version 3.6 loaded? It is mentioned on the many postings on how to unlock your phone so I am assuming that it works fine for everyone else??? I just get tired of reloading all of my software every time I try to unlock it. (Obviously the Orange backup saves my calendar and contacts etc.) Thanks Steve B
  12. I cannot get to the delete IPSM bit, It goes straight to the canary screen if I press any button as it suggests. If I don't press any button then it still goes straight to the canary screen? Am I doing something wrong?? I am following the instructions to the letter. Cheers
  13. Hi, The settings are different in the file there are 4 entries instead of the original 3 What do I do with the setting on the new line? THIS ONE????? Also I can't see the favorites in this file so how do I change it so that I can tell if it has worked PLEASE don't just say that this is covered on other posts, my PC at work is so slow it takes 5 minutes to see each post. I have tried looking for a simple post that tells me what to do with the upgraded phone but I cannot see one? Thanks
  14. Hi, I wanted to try the voice activated dialling software that fonix.com are offering. It is supposed to work for the SPV and it seems to be pretty powerful. But my phone is not unlocked and therefore (surprise, surprise) when I try to load the free trial it won't let me. Before I go to the trouble of trying to unlock my SPV and then reload all of the software that I have loaded up to now, I was wondering if anyone has already tried it? If not would someone with aqn unlocked SPV like to try it and see what they think? It does look too good to be true so I imagine that it won't actually work on the SPV or the quality might be low. If not then I would certainly go through the long, confusing and tricky process of trying to unlock my SPV and then reload all of my software. Cheers Steve B
  15. Hi, Thanks for the quick response, I wil try it later. Steve Birchall