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  1. Vodafone Smart platinum 7 - thoughts?

    It's a really good upgrade to the smart ultra 6 (2K screen, SD652, fingerprint sensor) but I winced when I saw the price especially when you consider other phones at around the same price point (zenfone 3 deluxe, motto z and out today - oneplus 3) So I suppose the question is, does a 2K screen have the same value as a SD820?
  2. Selling up; bored of it.

    How cheap fella?
  3. [YOUTUBE]: Smart Ultra 6 teardown video

    Could, theoretically, a qi charging coil be fitted under the back cover then? Or would the NFC thingy be compromised. (Sorry about the technical terms)
  4. £1.05 now, that extra 2p has got to be a deal breaker lol ;-)
  5. Is a screen protector necessary?

    I always have a screen protector on my phones. Although I'm very careful with them, scratches happen and it only takes one incident and the screens ruined. Same rationale with a case really
  6. [Recovery] TWRP 3.0.2-0

    Wow! Cheers
  7. [Recovery] TWRP 3.0.2-0

    A lot of people like me who aren't comfortable with adb would prefer a "One click app" to gain root and add custom recovery. I remember I used something like that to root my HTC Desire
  8. Smart ultra 6 or Alcatel Idol 3?

    Yes I realise that, i was just suggesting it could be an indicator along with other things. It's just that I wouldn't really know what to look for!
  9. Smart ultra 6 or Alcatel Idol 3?

    So just having a 64 bit hardware doesn't guarantee 64 bit software! So how does someone like me discern which handset is actually 64 bit? I'm guessing my original observation with antutu scores could be a good indicator
  10. Smart ultra 6 or Alcatel Idol 3?

    Forgive my ignorance but does that mean its a hardware issue or a software one? If its software, does that mean if the bootloader could be unlocked then would flashing a 64 bit kernal along with a rom rebuild essentially solve the issue?
  11. Smart ultra 6 or Alcatel Idol 3?

    The su6 scores circa 27k and the alcatel 33k from what I've seen around the web
  12. Smart ultra 6 or Alcatel Idol 3?

    The Alcatel and the su6 seem to have similar internals, (sd615, 2GB, 16GB, HD screen) so I was wondering why they seem to have so dissimilar antutu scores.?
  13. Smart ultra 6 or Alcatel Idol 3?

    i wondered whuch version you had
  14. Smart ultra 6 or Alcatel Idol 3?

    The Zenfone 2 (ze550ml) is another very good alternative to both of these
  15. LTE bands

    There's someone on xda said they're using 4G on giffgaff, so there's band 20 present