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  1. Wayne877 added a post in a topic LTE bands   

    I don't know the keystrokes offhand but you can find out, on other phones, using the engineer mode
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  2. Wayne877 added a topic in Vodafone Smart ultra 6   

    LTE bands
    Can someone post what lte bands the phone has. Thanks
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  3. Wayne877 added a post in a topic OTA Update failed   

    Right if you enter the bootloader by pressing volume down and enter, press down till you get the recovery of option. Press enter and you get the no command screen. Press volume up and enter and there are recovery options. If you go to factory reset, enter then after the reset, restart the phone.

    After doing this my phone was able to turn on normally and after going thru the welcome/setup screens was able to rebuild all my apps. After about an hour later everything is working as it should and on 4.3 too
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  4. Wayne877 added a topic in Google / LG Nexus 4   

    OTA Update failed
    Hi Guys,

    I found the update notification on my phone, went ahead with the update and it took ages! The battery was nearly full and fully discharged while it was updating. I was at a friends house so no charger. When I got home I fully charged the phone and switched the phone on and got the nexus cross animation and thats all. I tried to enter recovery mode but got the no command icon.

    Any help would be appreciated, I do have experience of rooting and flashing custom roms on my HTC Desire but have not touched the nexus since I got it. So everything on the phone is stock

    Here is an interesting thing, my wife tagged me in a facebook post telling peeps that my phone was out of order. Just after she posted, the facebook app on my phone notified me of the tag despite showing the nexus boot anmiation!
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  5. Wayne877 added a post in a topic HTC: No Sense 5 / Android 4.2.2 updates for the One S   

    writing was on the wall for goodwill to HTC from it's customers when they did the same with the original Desire.

    Yes custom ROM's will be available with Sense 5 and 4.2.2 but thats not the point! Upgrade redundancy after nearly 18 months for a device is not good at all and could cause buyers to look elsewhere. Google editions of devices are looking increasingly more desirable (no pun intended)
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  6. Wayne877 added a post in a topic HTC One and Galaxy S4 Google Play editions available in the US   

    If you go to the trouble of unlocking the bootloader and rooting an original HTC one or S4 and then flash the official ROM, would you get ROM updates OTA like I would with my Nexus 4?
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  7. Wayne877 added a post in a topic UK Tap-To-Pay?   

    Co-op food stores are rolling out NFC terminals nationally at the moment and are set to go live at the end of either this month or the end of march (was about a month ago I did the training).

    I would love to know of any payment apps which would take advantage of this, I too would prefer not to root just to use Google wallet.
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  8. Wayne877 added a post in a topic OTA update 4.2.2   

    Update dropped sometime Friday evening.

    Considered the sideload option but decided to wait it out cos I wanted to see how long it would take and how it would work in practice.

    Was getting impatient tho so now my macbook has adb on it lol
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  9. Wayne877 added a topic in Google / LG Nexus 4   

    OTA update 4.2.2
    Just wondering how many of us on the UK don't have the OTA update yet.

    I'm stock everything and still waiting
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  10. Wayne877 added a post in a topic [TUTORIAL] How to root and install Custom ROMs!   

    I have a gt540 which I want to use as a mifi. I've tried to follow this post to root and flash CWM to the handset but get stopped at flashing recovery.

    I've tried looking for yaffsexpert but can't find it. Is there an alternative available that would do instead.
    I've also tried installing manually using terminal editor but to no avail. I think i'd prefer a one click root and flash option if anyone knows of one

    thanks in advance
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  11. Wayne877 added a post in a topic Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL Review   

    When this was announced at MWC in February, I was very excited about it. It just seems a long time from announcement to launch.
    I'm glad it seems to be as good a handset as it promised to be.

    Pity it's too late for my upgrade cos I bought a S3, 3 months ago
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  12. Wayne877 added a post in a topic Got questions on the Orange San Diego? #askmodaco   

    Will it work with a t-mobile sim out of the box or do you have to unlock it?

    AH! Just seen the device specific forum *hangs head in shame* "Search is my friend"
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  13. Wayne877 added a post in a topic Win a Samsung Galaxy S III with MoDaCo and mobicity   

    There we go, all entries done. Fingers Crossed :-)
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  14. Wayne877 added a post in a topic Sony begins rollout of Ice Cream Sandwich to (nearly) all 2011 devices   

    Bizzare policy at Sony, their flagship devices are relegated in the upgrade roadmap.
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  15. Wayne877 added a post in a topic Liveblog: Samsung - The Next Galaxy   

    Oh and definitely Galaxy Slll
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