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  1. Where to buy Graphite?

    I just called O2 from the number on the website and ordered one. £199. I do have another phone on an O2 contract and this could have been a factor. Maybe you could buy a payg sim just to get an account with them. They put the balance on my account and gave 30 days credit!
  2. T-Mobile Launch Mobile TV Service in the UK

    works well on my O2 xda Graphite with Tmob sim
  3. Go to "System Settings>Home Screen>Time out and set it to what you want
  4. Anyway to send/upload GPS position

    Co-Pilot live will do this. Shows a map of where you are on a web page. My wife loves it!
  5. Sim Free Availiablity?

    The Graphite is not locked and works with any network. Mine's on T-mobile I bought mine over the phone from O2 for £199 cash. This may only have been because my son already has a contract with them and I bought on his account
  6. Questions

    1. Not very. There's no macro mode. 2. probably 2 or 3 feet. It's only little LED 3. It comes with Active sync for windows. YOu will need extra software for a Mac. If you have linux you're probably the adventurous type who's already bought one. ripped it apart and put it back together.
  7. Definitively...what Navigation SW??

    Copilot . . . once version 7 is released
  8. Can't get USB functions working

    Balls! double posted. Sorry
  9. Can't get USB functions working

    I don't think you'll get anywhere with this. Smartphones are not generally host devices and do not pust power out of the usb ports. Head over to where you will certainly find similar topics discussed.
  10. How Do People Rate The Graphite?

    My 3rd day with the Graphite and I'm really happy. Tomtom mobile 5 works fine, signal strength is very good, speaker whilst quiet is suprisingly clear. I'll change my signature now I'm settled. Graphite is so much smaller than my old Vario II I use the camera more, text message more (no slider) and take my phone out more as I keep it in my pocket all day.
  11. How Do People Rate The Graphite?

    which version of tomtom? I guess v5 as I don't expect v 6 supports smartphone
  12. Ordered a Graphite from o2 yesterday. They won't do an upgrade as my son's contract is not up until October but said I could buy it for £199. Couldn't resist it. Fingers crossed it works with t-mobile. Anyone want to buy a Vario II?
  13. Samsung i600 finally crosses the pond!

    I was thinking of buying from here, are they reliable?
  14. Coming soon...WM6 on the Hermes?

    Double posted by mistake

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