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  1. sparkymodaco

    Where to buy Graphite?

    I just called O2 from the number on the website and ordered one. £199. I do have another phone on an O2 contract and this could have been a factor. Maybe you could buy a payg sim just to get an account with them. They put the balance on my account and gave 30 days credit!
  2. sparkymodaco

    T-Mobile Launch Mobile TV Service in the UK

    works well on my O2 xda Graphite with Tmob sim
  3. Go to "System Settings>Home Screen>Time out and set it to what you want
  4. sparkymodaco

    Anyway to send/upload GPS position

    Co-Pilot live will do this. Shows a map of where you are on a web page. My wife loves it! www.alk.com
  5. sparkymodaco

    Sim Free Availiablity?

    The Graphite is not locked and works with any network. Mine's on T-mobile I bought mine over the phone from O2 for £199 cash. This may only have been because my son already has a contract with them and I bought on his account
  6. sparkymodaco


    1. Not very. There's no macro mode. 2. probably 2 or 3 feet. It's only little LED 3. It comes with Active sync for windows. YOu will need extra software for a Mac. If you have linux you're probably the adventurous type who's already bought one. ripped it apart and put it back together.
  7. sparkymodaco

    Definitively...what Navigation SW??

    Copilot . . . once version 7 is released
  8. sparkymodaco

    Can't get USB functions working

    Balls! double posted. Sorry
  9. sparkymodaco

    Can't get USB functions working

    I don't think you'll get anywhere with this. Smartphones are not generally host devices and do not pust power out of the usb ports. Head over to xda-developers.com where you will certainly find similar topics discussed.
  10. sparkymodaco

    How Do People Rate The Graphite?

    My 3rd day with the Graphite and I'm really happy. Tomtom mobile 5 works fine, signal strength is very good, speaker whilst quiet is suprisingly clear. I'll change my signature now I'm settled. Graphite is so much smaller than my old Vario II I use the camera more, text message more (no slider) and take my phone out more as I keep it in my pocket all day.
  11. sparkymodaco

    How Do People Rate The Graphite?

    which version of tomtom? I guess v5 as I don't expect v 6 supports smartphone
  12. Ordered a Graphite from o2 yesterday. They won't do an upgrade as my son's contract is not up until October but said I could buy it for £199. Couldn't resist it. Fingers crossed it works with t-mobile. Anyone want to buy a Vario II?
  13. sparkymodaco

    Samsung i600 finally crosses the pond!

    I was thinking of buying from here, are they reliable?
  14. sparkymodaco

    Coming soon...WM6 on the Hermes?

    Double posted by mistake