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  1. Nexus 4, 7 3G and 10 go on sale, 4 sells out

    Woe is me! Twice I had it in the basket but couldn't get payment details in.
  2. You want one of these - the SPY-C Android controlled tank

    I was sure that guy was going to demonstrate looking up the lady's skirt until she stepped out of the way!
  3. Google previewing 'New Developer Console'

    We signed up for the preview about a month ago but still not seeing the new developer console.
  4. [WIP] Installing other apps in Bluestacks for Mac

    Thanks for the guide. I managed to install GooglePlay with the instructions here http://code.google.com/p/android-market-installer-2/ but everything I try to install fails with "insufficient storage available"
  5. We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    Hi, Random fact my favourite colour is blue ;) Well maybe not the most interesting random fact, but true. I've got a few older Android devices floating about, but right now I use an Acer Liquid Metal and Advent Vega. Steven
  6. [Free]SanDisk Memory Zone

    Working pretty well but not quite what I need. I have a Vega tablet which is connected by dock to an external hard drive. I want to be able to backup everything on my sdcard to the hard drive. I don't think the way this doesn't keep the file paths, but instead organizes things by file type. Also it works in portrait (on its main screens), whereas the Vega is landscape when docked which is a bit frustrating.
  7. Intermitent Touchscreen Issues

    Yeah I have the same problem, but usually a single reboot is fine.
  8. Vega review - the 'plastic screen' appears again

    It is hard and cold temperature, plastics feel warmer and usually have some give in them when pressed. I spent a year refurbishing mobile phones for DSGI and The Link, so I've seen many variations and seen many cracked screens. Materials for plastic has improved a lot, so it can be hard to tell for sure, but my best guess is that it is glass.
  9. Vega review - the 'plastic screen' appears again

    Am sure mine is glass. I wonder if newer builds have dropped the manufacturing quality?
  10. hdmi output to 720p TV [solved][howto]

    don't forget to reboot after changing the settings. You can also try getprop to see what the current settings are.
  11. hdmi output to 720p TV [solved][howto]

    Yes thats the way I id it. I think you need root so need to type "su" into terminal emulator first.
  12. New Android Market

    Hi, Yeah I'm running vegacomb 1.7. I simply installed it by getting it from my dropbox on device. So yeah I expect that is why it ended up with two copies. Thanks
  13. New Android Market

    Yeah I see that too. So I've decided to uninstall this version for now.
  14. New Android Market

    I tried it out for myself and found I prefer the tablet specific market. This one left me with two market icons and it force closed when viewing a few apps. I also think the layout of the tablet market is better on large screens. That said there are graphical improvements which I hope will come to the tablet version soon.
  15. New Android Market

    Google announced this for phones, how well does this version work on tablets and how does it compare with the existing tablet version?