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  1. How to root your Hudl 2

    could someone dump there mmcblk0p2 open terminal type su cat dev/block/mmcblk0p2 >/sdcard/efs.img and upload please thanks
  2. How to root your Hudl 2

    What about boot select?
  3. How to root your Hudl 2

    Has enyone tryed using keyboard to see if we can get into bios Also found www.slatedroid.com/topic/106914-windows-81-restore-partition-from-usb/
  4. Hudle2 broken "No Bootable Device, Hit any key."

    Buy the looks of it your emmc is corrupted
  5. Hudle2 broken "No Bootable Device, Hit any key."

    Can you press OK?
  6. Please post you ota update

    Please could people upload there update.zip
  7. Extract this to system/init then reboot everything is done automatically swap.zip
  8. Unable to install APKs on device?

    I found out that moving the apk's to data thay install fine by the looks of it the sdcard dose not set the right permissions eg rw-rw-r
  9. Beta 2: MoDaCo.SWITCH S4 i9505 support topic

    In your superuser zip the update-sript set wrong permissions eg system/switch/Sense
  10. [URL of 27MB Xolo update ZIP file - sniffed!]

    be careful as some of those roms are unsigned
  11. nothing apart from letting you boot in to recovery

    boot fone into bootloader and then use brick fix in my tool
  13. I did this before and it came to me that mmcblk0 did not contain any unlock code
  14. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    hi ain't been in how's my tool going? also thanks for the donations