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  1. I sold my omnia to a friend in need of a phone... but are you trying to flash this onto a DC22 base? cause this thread is from CF03... not sure if you knew that since dc22 came out about 2 weeks after this thread was posted
  2. It's Incredible

    I got mine off amazon for 45 bucks... its listed under droid eris battery... but I have heard good things about the stock Touch pro 2 battery also... its only 15 dollars on ebay... and its rated at 1500 which is 200 more than our stock one... and they both fit fine
  3. Good Bye My Friends

    my ohone is just being passed along.. I got the incredible but I think my omnia still takes a better picture... due to the fact that it has a camera button on the side.. pressing the trackpad never keeps the phone still... but the phone is great now that I got the seido battery... I dont plan on rooting the phone for a long time if ever... at the moment every phone wants to be the incredible so I dont think any major improvements will come in roms except wifi tether and N support... and 2.2 android is supposed to have that anyway
  4. It's Incredible

    I came from and omnia I910 I liked my phone but it jsut didn't have any wow factors to it...it did its job well and took great pictures for me but thats about it... I even flashed it with every kind of custom rom I could find... the Incredible is the first phone that I have ever preordered... only cause I saw the G4 review of it on attack of the show... its in Itunes under G4>attack of the show podcast if you care to watch it... I saw no bad reviews of the phone so I took the jump... Lets just say I'm not disappointed... I didn't like the moto droid cause the stupid trackpad on the keyboard on a touchscreen just made no sense... this has the thin profile I like with all the screen space I expect... its the only phone that can compare to the iphone but doesn't look like a bunch of squares placed all over the screen Great features: -Multi touch that doesn't suck -HTC sense - brings all your social networking to your homepages -android market has just about anything you could ever want... usually free or 2 bucks -camera is good but the flash is way too powerful and washes out close pics... -NO TRACKBALL--- no more dirty track ball problems cause its optical on the incred -8gig on the phone... only thing is you need a card to use some programs cause most phones dont have internal memory so they aren't programmed for it only bad part about having a top of the line phone is the battery life... I got the upgraded seido battery and it allows me to last the whole day... This phone will do anything you can imagine... it even stores all your membership barcodes and you can use it instead of carrying around all those cards... best useful app
  5. Device specific sub-forum for the Incredible???

    +1 looks like alot of us were waiting for a phone to come out with a camera comparable to the omnias... I still use my omnia to take pictures so I dont risk breaking my incredible when I play paintball and snowboard...
  6. the incredible has HTC sync which is part or HTC sense so it does play nice with any mail client as far as I know... I synced my contacts to google server just in case, so when I get my incredible all I need to do is log in and let it do the rest... my omnia is now my music/ video player... I will miss the battery life I got with it... 3 days per charge after I upgraded to a custom rom
  7. I tried alot of new stuff.. SPB shell 3.5... capcom... nico... storm... they all just either had too much or not enough for what I use... they all are great but I found that with Bgills 2.6 rom I got 3 days of battery life... which is beyond great... it has the basic stuff for what I like and is fairly stable, I do get the occasional lock ups if I try to do something while its trying to update the weather or check email at the same time but its maybe once a week... I was very happy with it for a month.. then I tried newer stuff for a few weeks and I have been back to it now for 2 months... Bgill 2.6 is highly recommended by me but it is only my opinion hope I helped you in some way
  8. Best Keyboard

    the one they cook into the newer roms is just the stock HTC keyboard that comes with the touch pro 2 and others... Fingerkeyboard is basically the same layout and it lets you customise the macros over the buttons... I change the .uk macro to my email and U can change the others also to something U may type a lot
  9. I went back to 2.6 cause it is very stable and gets great battery life... the wifi is there but it disappears time to time for some odd reason... just go to settings/system/power... go to the wifi tab and click the wifi power save mode and it should reappear in the wireless manager it happens with most of the 6.5.1 roms I have tried
  10. Reliable Custom Rom

    you might have better luck but I'm just sharing my experience...
  11. Reliable Custom Rom

    I didn't have a problem with spb 3.5 draining my battery when I ran a base titanium rom and installing it over it but for some reason I had an issue with the 3.5 rom that mastergreeny posted up it killed 25% of my battery and I never used it I was playing paintball all day... I reverted back to bgill 2.6 titanium rom build 23053 ... its been the fastest most reliable and I've tried about all of them and found that to make me happiest waremike series 8 roms are all really nice and he has one for just about every preference...
  12. The B*Ware Rom

    ok after a few days off testing I noticed these bugs... not really a big deal but they are there the taskbar menu drop down doesn't show items properly bluetooth audio connection is a battery meter sms is a phone signal icon(2 bars) email is a phone signal icon(4ars) I randomly lose WIFI option is wireless manager I get it back after several soft resets I dont have any tweeks or hacks done to the rom only 5% battery gauge installed anyone else notice this? or am I alone?
  13. The B*Ware Rom

    any reason why I lost the custom ui changes you have.. like the start menu icon.. lost the big menus also... and buttons were invisable but I knew they were there... the program I installed before the issue was just htc_quick gps to see if it made a difference at all and the titanium gps radar app... did a hard reset and I'll see if it happens again
  14. spb registration ?

    no you pay for it... but if you dont want to pay for it you can run a windows 6.5 rom which is very user friendly... most of us probly flash twich a week just to see whats new anyway I think... I can set my phone back to where I like it in about 10 minutes but i've done it about 20 times now
  15. not for the price that apple will surely charge for the phone... its bad enough verizon charges you 100/mo to get internet and phone anywhere I refuse to pay 300 for a phone... I got my omnia for free during a promo or I'd probly still be useing my motorola Q that I gave to my roomate and is still going strong... dont get me started on 900 dollar 3GS on ebay...