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  1. Site Blocked at Work

    Modaco.com is blocked at work. Any reason why it would be so?
  2. I am having trouble logging into https://www.mobilepanel.com/login.aspx My email is not recognised. I just got my £15 but need to redownload as I hard reset my device.
  3. Actually, I have the vario II (I just now updated my profile)
  4. I have the R35 and like it a lot . but the pause no longer works for some reason (ff, rw, +vol and -vol) work well.
  5. Vario- Settings - > connections > usb to pc
  6. I am trying to sync (vario ii) using activesync 4.2 However, we have McAfee Desktop firewall at work. I do not have access to add any ports or exceptions. I called IT and they won't do it either. Is there a workaround?
  7. I am installing programs on my Vario II. What programs can go on the storage card vs. what needs to be in device memory? Is there a hard rule of thumb? SPB software? PIE Plus? Opera? Skype? etc
  8. I found the solution.. (for me at least) Per http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...p;postcount=171 HKLM = HKEY_lOCAL_MACHINE (under my device).. I can't believe that took me 10 minutes to figure out.
  9. nope..no dice. is anyone using t-mobile able to do this just using the commas?
  10. I wish that would work for me. I get a pause but some of the additional numbers are then cut off.
  11. Nope, I am satill not working.. I might try a hard reset later to see if I did something that inadvertantly messed up the tones. I have a feeling that the number or two after a pause is skipped... no idea why... but worthless at this point.
  12. Something wierd is that it only dials a few of the numbers after the pause. Both with ccdialer and using a straight contact. i.e. i have it dial +447744200007pp001abcdefghij but i dont get tones for the full 001abcdefghij