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  1. Hi guys. I just bought a new nexus 7 3G and I want to launch it in fastboot mode to use root tool. But I read in all tutorials that If I want to power on my device in fastboot mode I have to press Vol UP+ Vol Down + Power. But if I press these 3 buttons nothing happens, while if I press only VOL DOWN + POWER ON my device turns on in fastboot mode. So I ask you: Is it normal???
  2. Mouse100


    I found a lot of guides around the forum but there's a way to hard reset for each phone... I didn't find a guide for Samsung SGH-I300... Can you help me please? :)
  3. Mouse100


    But after i use this software i need a copy of windows mobile 2003? Or is it only a reset of factory settings?
  4. Mouse100


    Hi boys.. I bought some days ago a Samsung SGH-I300 with Windows Mobile 2003... In the box i found the Windows Mobile 2003 product key... But is there a way to format my phone or to reset factory settings? Thank you in advance..