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  1. unfitguy added a post in a topic Motorola RAZR i review   

    Looks like a great phone I am potentially thinking of selling my Galaxy Nexus for anyone else interested It may be worth keeping an eye on CEX for a used one, as we speak they have a Grade A (usually mint) on TMobile for £215.00 which is a much better price point.
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  2. unfitguy added a post in a topic Grab a free cradle / charger and £25 with confused.com   

    Cool Free Cradle on the way to me within 2 weeks Thanks Paul
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  3. unfitguy added a post in a topic 10 cool things i've installed on my Nexus 7   

    Going to instal MetaWidget on homescreen this allows you to create widgets from any webpage complete with auto refresh
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  4. unfitguy added a post in a topic XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet   

    No joy as yet on my Sony Xperia S tried using Root Explorer, I will try via adb in case any different
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  5. unfitguy added a post in a topic Cheapest place to buy in the UK   

    I just purchased a 3 grade B from CEX for £400, was going to get it sim unlocked stuck my T Mobile sim in and it recognised straight away. So effectively mine looks mint is unlocked and cost £400 quid. Unsure of best new price but I thought I'd post this in case it was helpful
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  6. unfitguy added a post in a topic Stock @ Carphone Warehouse (UK)   

    Just picked up the last one from pcworld Coventry. I called the number on pcworld site and they told me which stores had stock.

    Woohoo finally got one
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  7. unfitguy added a post in a topic Asus Transformer IN STOCK, but...   

    released in comet stores today but apparently all 180 sold 45 in warehouse for next day delivery so tempted
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  8. unfitguy added a post in a topic GPS/Navigation issues   

    Thank you. Still looking at diff options now looking at an HD2 with an Android Rom on. I just wish Samsung would fix it one of the XDA pages discussing this issues has had 173,000+ page views and 1900 comments so I know I'm certainly not alone.

    The biggest certainty is if I sell my SGS a proper fix will be out shortly afterwards lol decisions decisions
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  9. unfitguy added a post in a topic GPS/Navigation issues   

    Thanks looked at a video of froyo 2.2.1 running overclocked at 1ghz honestly looked better than the SGS, going to give it a few weeks. A lot of people seem to be waiting for the official froyo, however if they dont fix the GPS I can see them getting a lot of bad press. Just looking at SamsungUkMobile on twitter and Facebook shows you how many people are disappointed.

    Thanks for the update.
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  10. unfitguy added a topic in Samsung Galaxy S - S.MoDaCo.com   

    GPS/Navigation issues
    Hi All

    I'm torn at the moment if I should replace my SGS with a Motorola Milestone (about the same trade in value at CEX).

    The reason being I have always used my android phones for Navigation in the past without any issues (HTC Magic and a Nexus One) however the Google Navigation on my SGS jumps all over the place lagging way behind where I am and putting me on the wrong road the majority of the time.

    I have tried the majority of ROMs including the latest JPM froyo, XDA Roms GPSfixes and all sorts but to no joy. I'm not a Samsung basher as love the phone other than this floor, has anyone experienced or fixed the same issue.

    This is how mine seems to perform although not my vid http://bit.ly/brunG4
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  11. unfitguy added a post in a topic 22/Jul r3 (JG5) - MoDaCo Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S with Online Kitchen   

    I've downloaded JG5 from the first page any idea how do I install it?
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  12. unfitguy added a post in a topic 22/Jul r3 (JG5) - MoDaCo Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S with Online Kitchen   

    Hi All

    Been a long time Android user and used of flashing via update zip, I have stock uk Rom and have downloaded JG5 and my PreBake. Is there a guide on how to install JG5 I keep seeing the phrase Odin but have no idea, if someone could help that would be great.
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  13. unfitguy added a post in a topic Best Streak Apps   

    Found an absolutely awesome calendar widget Android Agenda Widget which is FREE, I have been a long time user of Pure Calendar but it doesn't really suit the dell screen. Android Agenda widget fits the screen much better I have 2 4x4 widgets on 1 screen and they fill it out perfectly, the widgets have the ability to display different calendars so I have one for Work and one for Personal absolutely awesome.

    On a separate note thinking of selling my Dell to fund a Motorolla XT720 £360 quid from Play anyone got any thoughts, I feel the Dell is great for browsing but just too big for a daily phone
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  14. unfitguy added a post in a topic Randomly turning off?   

    Happing to my streak too No Taskmanagers installed and cover fits perfectly, happened on 2 occasions in last 4 days
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