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  1. S500 stock JB, UNLOCK BOOTLOADER?

    Which CPU? fastboot -i 0x0502 oem device-infos
  2. Sincerely I don't remember... and the phone is actually used by my wife so I cannot check now, but I'm 80%/85% to have installed the Reca one
  3. I installed it without any issue on -1 CPU... you firstly have to unlock the bootloader
  4. If CPU type is -1, here's the guide: http://www.modaco.com/topic/363566-tut-how-to-bootloader-unlock-with-cpu-type8260a-1-and-install-cm10/#entry2138762 Elsewhere you can use (but probably also for -1 CPU) the Acer Cloudmobile Tool 0.4A, option 20
  5. Boot as RW

    ...then it seems you've to keep it not RW until you need it... btw if I'm not wrong in SuperUser/SuperSU there should be an option to temporary unroot a device
  6. ...after 1 year I suppose he already sent the phone to warranty service ;)
  7. Errors during CM10.1 build

    Furthermore, trying to download it it brings you to a "join survey" page and if I'm not wrong to a downloader... make the sum by yourself ;-)
  8. ...see my answer on the other thread...
  9. Errors during CM10.1 build

    It's only a fake, I found in the past a really similar link related to S510, where they describes a procedure to fully root it... one of the steps was to install CWM recovery, but such recovery doesn't exist for that device! :-D

    If, as he said, the battery was removed and replaced with another one, the reboot was alredy forced... without success, as I can see ;-)

    If nothing happens neither with the adapter nor with a different (charged, I suppose) battery, I'm afraid that the only solution is to send it to service repair...
  12. headset-why?

    ...the same on mine...
  13. Phone upgrade.

    Sent PM
  14. Phone upgrade.