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  1. Moving apps to sd

    Any other ideas?
  2. hudl2 Covers

    Did anyone notice that it has a shed load of reviews from 2013! Prior to the hudl 2 being released.
  3. i dont rate he hudl 2 :(

    Hudl 2 or Hudl 1 ? Cos I have the Hudl 2 and my toddler watched 1.5 hours of BBC iPlayer (cbeebies episodes) and it lost about 35 percent of its charge) so based on that about 8 hours battery. Of course it has multi touch. Just try pinch to zoom in on any webpage (if it didn't it would not work as you need at least two fingers for this to work.) it sounds like you had a wake lock somewhere and is more likely to do with buggy software than anything else. What player were you using to play the movie?
  4. Dull screen - Normal?

    My Hudl 2 on Auto brightness is pretty good. On non auto full brightness the screen is pretty damn bright and definitely its "shiny" feature
  5. hudl2 Covers

    I've bought the bump cover in blue as the hudl is mainly for my toddler. I'm thinking about the leather folio one though anyone got one? Is it any good?
  6. Moving apps to sd

    Thanks Paul, Are there any options if I'm not rooted or slightly nervous about rooting?
  7. Moving apps to sd

    Evening all, Just got the new hudl 2 and I'm very impressed with it so far. However being 4.4 it does not seem to have the ability to move apps to sd. With the limited storage this is really needed any ideas? I'm on the latest update
  8. HTC Touch Pro - GSM or CDMA?

    Annoyingly, the HTC Touch Pro exists in CDMA and GSM/UMTS variants. Depending on which has better coverage for you and if you travel abroad a lot depends on whether you get the GSM edition or the CDMA edition. The two are similar in shape and have the same functionality but have different hardware in the radio department. Jeremy
  9. HSDPA on T-mobile Touch Plus

    Anywhere near albert road southsea is fantastic speeds. Gunwarf also excellent. Havant especially near leigh park again excellent speeds. Overall though portsmouth HSDPA speeds are excellent for me at least Jeremy
  10. HSDPA on T-mobile Touch Plus

    Ive had HSDPA 2.7mbps top speeds for a while in Portsmouth and Havant. Also get about 1 mbps in Leicester Had this for about a year on my old hermes and faster still on my touch plus see speed above. Jeremy
  11. Deleted SMS account, T-Mo techs no help

    try the solution i posted in this thread http://www.modaco.com/content/pocket-pc-ge...ding-somewhere/ Jeremy
  12. Rogue email account hiding somewhere

    Easily solved Run the program on your phone included in the rar here and it should "unhide" your missing email account often happens after a backup atleast used to Jeremy mailaccountrepair.rar
  13. Changes on the T-Mobile network?

    yeah you get this in london a lot too. Its a good sign be happy. It means they have upgraded the network around you and I wish they did this in portsmouth Jeremy
  14. what they title says has there been any more podcasts after number 10? I've refreshied my rss reader then I had a hunt manually on modaco but no joy. if they have stopped are they planned on starting up again? I would love to know Jeremy
  15. T-Mobile Contract change?

    sorry dude but you are wrong I've have just downgraded from flext 35 to 30 after 7 months anyway worst happens is you ring and find out Jeremymacmull