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  1. ggoogle play store app is included in minimal gaps download and flash, its infirst post tethering think doesnt work
  2. i will upload it in a minute i have it in my computer dont remember were i got it humm. edited: here you go camera 4.2 : http://www.mediafire...sowcwpkhqqfq8fh just flash it
  3. did you extracted the rom to the desktop? and in the step 8 you choosed the folder of the extracted rom? if not , do so!
  4. no, i will try it now thanks edit: tryed it now ;) works great now ;) thank you very much you are very helpfull
  5. the regular app doesnt record video just do flickering and nothing happens when record button pressed on my vivacity
  6. i found a new bug :( , in paranoid rom i could record videos with lgcamera app but now with this rom it fails ! any fix ? thank you
  7. thanks, do you mean slide the finger over the switch and left of it( my english is not very good didnt understad very well wht you mean with left of it)? i tried and the wireless networks dont desapear :( , one more question doesnt the bluetooth notification should be blue to be activated? mine is grey! sorry to bother you gbosh but i really like this rom and would love to connect my blutooth keyboard and bluetooth earphones to it ;) thanks edited: thankssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! Now i understad what you meaned with "left of it!" hehe thanks it works now;)
  8. hum, i turn on bluetooth and i only see the wireless networks :( the other phones cant find my phone either theres no option to make it visible or not
  9. what steps do you do in this rom? i cant find the option of pairing devices :(
  10. very nice rom!!!!! the best so far! but i cant still add devices like bluetooth earphones or bluetooth keyboard :( is that a bug on all roms? thank you very much
  11. that would be awsome edit: another problem :last version of ram expander doesnt work with this rom but works great with this rom [ROM] [JB] Paranoid Android 2.x for the ZTE Crescent! it says kernel not suported