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  1. fayis003, you don't need to know the exact firmware version your phone came with as long as you flash a version that is intended for your device. Go to the huawei site, download the latest version for your Y300 (I think you said yours is the chinese version) and use the procedure on their website to update the firmware. The process will overwrite (and reset) your phone. This will work with the standard recovery partition that comes with any Y300 new phone so you don't need TWRP or CWM recovery partition to do this, just make sure you follow the instruction in the pdf file on the huaewei site. Good luck !
  2. if i remember correctly the splash 'Huaewi logo' screen, as opposed to the bootanimation.zip (which can be changed easily), is pre-packed in boot.img. You will have to use tools to unpack boot.img (will be on of the files in your nandroid backup), make the changes and then re-pack it and finally fastboot (via bootloader) the newly replacked boot.img file. :unsure: Note: getting this wrong will soft-brick your phone, so make sure you know what you're doing before attempting it.
  3. trying to download systemui update gives me 'The file you are trying to download is no longer available'.
  4. was this fixed in B03 ? cause my clock will not centre when set through 'Settings---FusionX--Statusbar', even after a reboot. The setting does not seem to have any effect. Xposed framework was loaded, as directed by OP. On a separate note, I have now tried stock, stock with different launchers, LeWaOS and now this AOSP version. In all honestly, I cannot feel much difference in any of them. I know it's a subjective observation, but I'm just stating my opinion. Ofcourse a big thanks goes out to tillaz for this nice rom version.
  5. Lewa OS 4.1.2 ROM

    well I've been using this rom (final) for a couple of days now and it's been good. I did a clean install and froze the services TangerineTractor referred to in previous post (thanks for that). Installed through clockworkmod recovery fine. Everything working great, 2G/3G, ending calls and I did not have to load any different basebands. I was originally on B186, nandroid backup taken previously in case i need to revert back. It's been as smooth as stock for me with some nice eye-candy to boot.
  6. As a long time user of SlimBean Roms, on several devices, I can tell you it is AOSP based with CM cherrypicks. Look on slimroms dot net.
  7. Lewa OS 4.1.2 ROM

    the same one we have in Lewa, both light and dark version and all in English can be found here http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2096996 1. Used root explorer to rename LewaCalculator.apk to LewaCalulator.org. 2. Extractred the apk from the zip, copied (via root explorer) to /system/app and renamed as LewaCalculator.apk, set the right permission and all fine. 3. Delete original (now name LewaCalculator.org) if you want to, or just keep it in case you want to go back to the Chinese one !
  8. Lewa OS 4.1.2 ROM

    the final one seems promising so i think i'll take it for a spin. Some questions please guys: 1. Do i need to change any basebands after loading this ? I currently have stock B186. 2. Do I need to make any changes to build.prop ? 3. Does it work fine with my current working clockworkmod ? or does it need it's own recovery ? thanks.
  9. [ROM] OmniaDroid

    good point about english. I left a message for the chef on the 'reborn' rom thread. The rom appears to only have italian and no instructions how to convert to any other language.A link to a language install cab would be most welcome.
  10. [ROM] Reborn

    downloaded this to give it a try. Rom seems to be only in Italian. I cannot figure anyway of changing the languge to english. I tried the registry change but i think there are no corresponding english language files in the rom cause all i get is Italian, otherwise not a bad rom for this now old mobile.Infinity widgets are also quite hard to figure out how to work. Adding them is fine, deleting them is hard work.
  11. Alcatel OT-983 from O2

    Hi hecatae, I tried the online clockwork builder when I first got this phone but it failed with a similar error message to yours. Don't know what's wrong but I've seen in a number of other threads/forums people after this. It's a great little phone and definetly worth the money, but no CWM recovery is really holding it back at the moment. I've seen your work on here before so I'm sure you can get us a CWM recovery if you put your mind to it, but I appreciate you may not have the time for this..thanks.
  12. Motorola Defy Mini now £59 sim free

    +1 for that request, especially the CWM recovery image. I have many android phones, low, mid up to the latest N4. I totally agree this phone is the best price/performance phone I have ever used. It feels really nippy and nice responsive touchscreen, unfortunately no devs have taken an interest in it. GB runs fine on it but it certainly would be nice trying a custom rom, as long as we have some way of going back to stock.
  13. Superboot - Nexus 4 root solution

    sorry about this, but i'm just trying to learn and understand...someone asked you a question on xda of how this works and your reply was .."The boot image itself remounts system, copies superuser files then reboots back into the stock boot image. Job done"....so if i simply delete the files you mention above but still have superboot r1 on there wouldn't it just re-copy the files back in on the next boot. Your superboot-windows.bat simply does a 'fastboot-windows.exe boot boot.superboot.img', deleting the files you mention has left the superboot.img on there, correct ? or am i missing something here ?
  14. Superboot - Nexus 4 root solution

    thanks for the reply Paul. I understand that deleting those files will stop root acess but does that still leave me with an insecure boot or am i totally back to factory ? thanks again..
  15. BBC: "We'll fix Android iPlayer"

    I work in the public sector and I can vouch for the fact that Apple products are preferred. However, from a business point of view, and before we forget business exists for one reason only, i.e. making profit, they ignore android at their peril. Don't take my word for it google any statistic you care to find about market share of android vs ios and try and find one which doesn't show android dwarfing ios ! Don't want to start one of those android vs ios discussions here simply pointing out what independent (all of them) statistics are saying and also taking a business prospective not a technology one.

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