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  1. kjtaylor13

    Hands on with FitBit's One and it's (Beta) mobile sync

    I can confirm this works with Galaxy SIII Mini as well as the SIII.
  2. kjtaylor13

    Official Gary's ROM Discussion Thread

    Hi, Installed the rom, could you please tell me how to get the analog weather clock on the task manager screenshot. Thanks Kevin
  3. kjtaylor13

    Fritz!box 7270 and Fritz!App

    Hi After reading Paul's recent tweet about an android VOIP app for the fritz!box I have just bought a new Fritz router for my ADSL connection. Should be delivered any day now! I've downloaded the app for my Hero. Unfortunately it's all in German, as mentioned in Paul's Tweets. Is there a website somewhere with English translations so I could at least figure out what I'm being asked for on the configuration page? If not I will have to hit google.co.uk\translate and see what I can come up with. Thanks Kevin
  4. kjtaylor13


    Hi, I too was a Locale user since the Beta, and also bought the full version when it came out at $9.99. I was using locale to turn my Wifi on when I got to Work/Home/Friends house, etc and to change my volume etc when it got to 10pm. To do this I was using locale's locations. I began to notice as I was out and about more and more, that my battery was running down very quickly. After looking at what was using the battery I could see that Locale was using about 80% of my battery. I've now switched to Juice Defender, and Timerific. With Ultimate Juice I can turn on my wifi when I'm near "known sids" and have it off the rest of the time. And I love the turn wifi/apn on for 5mins every 30mins. My standby time has increased loads. Before installing this I was thinking about getting an extended battery, with this I may not need to. Cheers Kevin
  5. Hi, Thanks for the reply 1.) I thought it might be something like that. It's not a major issue for me. If at somepoint it can be fixed to work, all the better, but in the end it only takes 5mins to reset all my widgets. :P 2.) Yeah, for example in seesmic I will set a certain notification tone(always use tones installed by HTC), and then when I restore it after flashing a new rom, for some reason the tone changes. The same happens with handcent sms, and facebook. Thanks. Kevin
  6. Hi, This is a fantastic App, I've been using it for months now, and have donated to get the full version. I wouldn't be without it. I have a couple of questions. (I have had a quick scan through the post and cant find the answers) 1.) When I restore [Desktop] HTC Sense 1.00, after restoring all my other applications. HTC Widgets appear ok, but other widgets have to be removed and reconfigured. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a limitation of Android? 2.) When I restore applications and Data, for example Seesmic, and Handcent, they restore all the settings, but I have to setup the Notifications as they are not restored, are these stored in some other settings area? Again thanks for a great app. It makes flashing new roms and getting up and running very fast, if I could just solve the problems above, it would almost be a one click restore. Cheers Kevin
  7. kjtaylor13

    New WaveSecure out

    Hi, I've just bought an Unlocked Hero for my wife and would like to put Wave Secure on her Hero, I'm going to put a recovery image on this evening, but I was then going to use a HTC Stock rom, rather than Modaco as I dont think she will need any of the extra's. Will I be able to use the wavesecure update.zip, or do I have to have a rooted rom for this. Thanks Kevin
  8. kjtaylor13

    Best Facebook App

    Hi, I've tried a number of facebook apps, and have paid for the full version of Babbler which is a great app, but recently I have started to use the offical facebook app, it allows you to see and post comments amongst many other features, and also has a nice home screen widget. Kevin
  9. kjtaylor13

    New Official HTC Hero Rom for Orange?

    Hi, was just browsing HTC's website and found this. http://www.htc.com/uk/SupportDownload.aspx...2&dl_id=864 Do we know whats included in this update? Cant find a change log. I doubt it's 2.1... but would be nice to know what the changes are. Kevin
  10. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. I do use the latest RA recovery. It did take a while first boot. So must be ok. Thanks again Kevin
  11. Good Morning, So after being a member for a number of years, I bought the Ad-Free option yesterday so I could bake myself a beta rom. And Wow is it fast. I've disabled Comp cache and removed loads of stock apps, and it runs really well. Fingers crossed that the slow I down I have experienced in the past dosn't appear. I wiped before I put the new Rom on, and restored most of my Apps with Titanium (what a great app) when wiping the davlik I got an error telling me to use adb? Did this wipe or not? Can I wipe the davlik over Adb and do I need to be in recovery to do it? If i wipe davlik do I need to reflash the rom? Thanks Kevin
  12. kjtaylor13

    Orange unlimited data?

    Hi, Did any one see "click" this saturday on BBC News. I caught the tail end of it and there was some guy from orange talking about better charging for internet on mobiles. Check out this link to the related web article: Havn't called orange back yet since last week, I'm waiting until my tarrif transfers to Panther, then will give them a call. Fingers crossed. Kevin
  13. kjtaylor13

    Orange unlimited data?

    Hi, I just called orange about my Tarrif, currently on select 100 I wanted to change to Panther
  14. kjtaylor13

    FUSESP in QVGA Landscape 320*240......

    Hi, I have an orange SPV M3100 which has a slide out keyboard and no keypad, will there be a future update to FUSESP to support this device. Many Thanks Kevin Taylor