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  1. bluesnow

    Galaxy Note II clones

    Hi there, it been so long since i've been on the forums though i still follow Modaco News. I will try to return more often. I've been looking at the 5.3 inch,1 ghz dual core (mtk6577), 1gb RAM..and there seems to be loads that look the same (rebranded?) on aliexpress. I wanna try a 5 inch and thought a Chinese phone would be perfect and cheap. I have a Nexus 7 for most thing and my phone is for day time at work :P Anyone had any experience with these note 2 copies? Also I'm a little confused as to weather they will work on Three UK
  2. bluesnow

    Google Videos APK Download

    Is this useable in the UK.
  3. bluesnow

    Game Dev Story

    I had this problem though I did get an email pretty much at the same time, telling me that my card details are incorrect. Check details and they are correct so I took it that my bank/card doesn't except yen. This was before Christmas and I haven't tried again since. I have a Natwest visa debit
  4. bluesnow

    ZTE V9 Tablet

    Yeah ipads strong position in the Market will be effecting other tablets, it's a shame really. Lets hope a zte tablet comes though
  5. bluesnow

    ZTE V9 Tablet

    Really wish I could get one of these in th UK. I have a blade and I love it :P
  6. Was this changed since r8 because wlan sleep policy set to never was working for me
  7. R11: Wlan is still disconnecting when ever the phone sleeps no matter how the policy is set
  8. Haven't had a sleep issue till r10. I have my wlan sleep policy on never sleep but since r10 its disconnects on phones sleep no matter what setting I have it set.
  9. Great thank you. Sorry but where's the battery % number gone ;)
  10. bluesnow


    But where is this cab i seem to be unable to find it, is there any way of DL office for WM5??