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  1. evad added a post in a topic I have one! Got questions? Fire away!   

    Sample photos from the camera please?
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  2. evad added a post in a topic HTC One X Review   

    Is it a matter of wrong perspective or Xperia S is roughly as big as One X? :-o
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  3. evad added a post in a topic Sony Xperia S Review   

    sh500, yeah HTC Touch Diamond is very accurate comparison for Xperia S, actually. Well done bringing memories from good old days!
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  4. evad added a post in a topic Sony Xperia S Review   

    Great review Paul and it is very much similar to my findings about Xperia S too. Really odd you've had Astro preinstalled, tough - I didn't have that one definitely (retail unit from Handtec).

    Thing about headphones bundled in the box, they are actually quite respectable in terms of sound quality but there's other thing with them which confuses me and maybe you'll know it. They appear to only have one button to control music/calls, however there's also a tiny "window" there on the headphone controller which seems to be touch-sensitive but I couldn't figure out what exactly is it for. Swiping across it doesn't have any effect on the device. Do you have an idea what that is, perhaps?
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  5. evad added a post in a topic What will be your next Android phone and why?   

    I've got review unit of Sony Xperia S yesterday. Its display crispness is insane, however viewing angles are lacking (same thing was with Arc S, actually). Then design-wise it's beautiful, but ergonomics aren't great - looking at you awkwardly positioned power button and tiny dots below screen! Finally, the camera - a slight disappointment for me, as the amount of noise in photos is awful.

    So, after less than a day with Xperia S so far I have a bit mixed feelings - it has potential to become my next perfect Android device but these little nagging things are keeping my breath held until One X is out...
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  6. evad added a post in a topic #askmodaco - The Sony Xperia S   

    Any update on the Gallery app, Paul? Thanks.
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  7. evad added a post in a topic #askmodaco - The Sony Xperia S   

    Thanks Paul. Does Xperia S have roughly the same footprint as Arc/ArcS? I'd expect so, given both have same screen size (4.3").

    Few other things that crossed my mind:
    1) How is the camera, is it better than in Arc? The latter seem to struggle with lots of noise in lowlight conditions.
    2) Is the gallery app replaced/improved, ie. does it also lag to load pics when swooping through the gallery quickly as on Arc/ArcS?
    3) Is 32GB memory accessible via USB mass storage or MTP only?
    4) How the display compares to Galaxy Nexus, which one do you think looks better?
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  8. evad added a post in a topic #askmodaco - The Sony Xperia S   

    Also, how does it compare to Arc/ArcS in terms of footprint and general in-hand feeling?
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  9. evad added a post in a topic #askmodaco - The Sony Xperia S   

    How does it feel like in hand compared to Galaxy Nexus and HTC One X? It looks much thicker hence heavier, is it really that noticeable?
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  10. evad added a post in a topic Archos 80 G9 review by evad   

    As I managed to bag myself the HTC Flyer during the recent Christmas fire-sale, I now have Archos 80 G9 (same as reviewed) up for grabs, including the case. £180 delivered.
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  11. evad added a post in a topic A80G9 USB Ubuntu   

    Trouble is that Archos doesn't use typical USB mass storage when plugging to the computer but MTP instead, and MTP support in Linux somewhat sucks. I think someone has reported that gMTP does work with Archos but didn't work for me on Fedora.
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  12. evad added a post in a topic G9 80   

    I guess it depends on individual preference and tolerance. I have noticed that effect straight away in my 80 G9 but... personally never been bothered by it that much. In fact, I don't really notice it in my daily use, but on the other hand hard to say how different is that effect from yours.
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  13. evad added a post in a topic Have you picked up an Android post-Christmas bargain?   

    Both HTC Flyers are out of stock already everywhere (Dixons, Currys and PCWorld that is). :(
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  14. evad added a post in a topic 3.2.77 firmware for G9 released   

    No, you won't loose anything in these updates. However, I'm not sure whether that would also be the case with ICS upgrade. Time will tell. :)
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  15. evad added a topic in General Archos Tablets   

    3.2.77 firmware for G9 released
    Just got fw update notification on my 80 G9. Changelog is quite long this time round:

    Version 3.2.77 - December 6th, 2011

    Google apps: new Honeycomb release 6 integrated. It fixes Video GTalk crash when switching cameras on devices with only one camera. Now Google+ is part of the firmware.
    Archos media server: allow connected TVs to play video from your tablet via network
    Network shortcuts: it is now possible to create network shortcuts in file/music/video browsers
    Accessories: external USB audio cards (DAC) support has been added
    Media center: a new progress bar slider indicates resume position on videos already played
    Media center: in regular list view, the title of the TV show episode is appended after the season and episode numbers
    File manager: support of zip files
    Music: fix repeat mode
    Audio: decrease loud volume glitches on notifications while playing music
    Media database: remove muSD card related entries when the card is ejected
    Media center: global resume displays posters when available
    File manager: fix UI glitches when dragging files after cycling through dual/single panel display
    Network shares: make sure authentication credentials are asked when entering a samba protected share folder with Archos media center
    MTP: device icons for A80S/H and A101S/H have been added for display on the Windows PC
    Display: fix touch panel events sometimes not taken into account
    Display: fix blinking of icons occurring sometimes in applications (e.g. Android Market)
    Display: increase of icon redraw speed when moving application icons on launcher
    3G: correct telia.se and add Polen Telekom APNs
    Battery: make sure led blinks at full charge
    Battery: issue a warning that the product will stop charging if powered off while on DCin in the shutdown menu
    Battery: a new shutdown policy has been implemented when in suspend to ensure that product still has battery when powered back on. Shutdown of the device occurs when it reaches 50% of the battery capacity when the screen was last on.

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