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  1. SPV C700 update

    it failed testing - so unfortunately will not be released.
  2. Orange Issues - Post your complaints here

    dr who, this is how it works: every single customer with a contract mobile has to give 30 days notice to cancel the agreement. When the customer asks for the PAC, this is the start of the 30 day notice period. If the new S.P should arrange a porting date, say 15 days after the customer asked for the PAC, then even though the number will move to the new network on this date, the customer still needs to pay for the other 15 days line rental under the terms of his agreement. Whatever the date the customer ports out, they will always be charged 30 days line rental, starting from the date of their original request. hope this helps
  3. Orange Issues - Post your complaints here

    please read all - check your preferred connection on the phone before connecting. WAP What is it? Short for the Wireless Application Protocol, a secure specification that allows users to access information via mobile phones. WAP is not the internet. (Although some handsets do have additional capability to allow internet sites to be viewed). WAP is the standard for how content from the Internet is filtered for mobile communications. Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola and unwired planet(now phone.com) founded the WAP forum in 1997. The first WAP phone on orange was the Nokia 7110e and was launched in 1999. How does it work? WAP uses WML (Wireless Mark-up Language) which is the format in which the information will be displayed on the screen. This is supported by almost every mobile phone browser around the world HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) is what computers use when displaying internet pages. There are 2 methods to connect to WAP. CSD This is when the customer
  4. Orange Issues - Post your complaints here

    yes that is correct. :-) Mr O is still very much Mr O!
  5. Orange Issues - Post your complaints here

    guys, here's a link to Orange price guides, which should highlight how various charges are made. Hope this answers some of your questions http://www1.orange.co.uk/service_plans/pay...ice_guides.html
  6. Orange Issues - Post your complaints here

    what do you guys think of the general 2G/3G coverage? dropped calls etc?
  7. Orange Issues - Post your complaints here

    this seems to be a common complaint from the digging around i have done accross the various forums on the net......
  8. Orange Issues - Post your complaints here

    cheers :-) points noted and fed back. As you can appriciate I will be unable to solve all problems. but use this as a way to feed issues back. I will then escalate them and hopefully find a way to resolve them.
  9. Orange Issues - Post your complaints here

    Right, following on from all the complaints I have read on this forum, the time has come to launch a dedicated post which will aim to answer questions/complaints etc on the Orange network. This includes poor coverage, dropped calls, poor customer service etc and this will be fed back within the hierarchy. So feel free to post and questions/comments and I'll try my best to answer and or escalate. Can we please limit to sensible questions/comments - no abuse please!!!! cheers