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    I had that issue, install the HTC Sync that is on the Memory Card 2.0.24 (From memory)
  2. Orange 3G

    You have the "H" appear? My Orange Desire refers HSPA as 3G+ No issues though.
  3. Google Talk

    I have installed Palringo now - very natty app!
  4. Google Talk

    Orange. I see the services are there in the apps list but no "Talk" app either.
  5. Google Talk

    I used to have a seperate app for Google Talk but I can't find it for my Desire - can anyone help?
  6. cleaning the screen

    I use a glasses cleaner
  7. Have a Desire on Orange

    Yeah mines pretty loud - it has the setting checked for getting quiet when lifted up from a surface.
  8. Outgoing Email Issue

    I can not send any emails on my Orange HTC Hero. I have four accounts on there, all download but none send. I am using - smtp.orange.net, no security, port 25, login required unchecked. Please help!
  9. Image a Windows Mobile

    As well as being a windows mobile lover - I work in mobile phone forensics and it would be useful to know.
  10. Help - Inbox Gone

    The message inboxes were unaccessable - I had to perfom a hard reset in the end.
  11. I am trying to create an image of my windows mobile devices but the problem is that windows doesn't recognise the phone as a drive - just a pocket pc device. Any ideas?
  12. This morning my messages not longer are accessible, active sync has lost its settings and I cant move any files around. Help?!
  13. Has anyone got any good docking stations that connect to the pc and charge the handset at the same time? Where and how much was it please?
  14. Play Lemmings on your Pocket PC

    Thanks for the DOS link - it works perfect when installed on the device on TytnII
  15. Play Lemmings on your Pocket PC

    Damn - got knows where my copy is!