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  1. sh500

    Sony Xperia S Review

    I have had my device for a day now (locked from T-mobile). When I first physically saw the device in my hand, I wasnt 'wowed' by it, not sure why, perhaps the angular design and the UI interface. This reaction was totally the opposite of when I first had the HTC Desire in my hand, two years ago. The Xperia S reminds me of my old HTC Touch Diamond (anyone remember that??). I think I have become quite fond of HTC designs and indeed the Sense interface too. I think the 4.3" with 720p screen is the ideal combination, it is for this reason I am being put off by the HTC One S and along with the 32GB storage, being the reasons for going with the Xperia. May still consider giving the Xperia back and see what the One X feels like in the hand. Samsung really should have announced the GS3 at this point too. Decisions, Decisions - to keep the Xperia or give it back and see what the HTCs have to offer...
  2. sh500

    #askmodaco - The Sony Xperia S

    +1 with comment from koldman: "1. I have seen lot of videos and noticed people struggle with hitting capacit buttons. How does it work from your point of view?" Quite a few video reviewers, including ones from Sony reps themselves seem to be struggling in using the capacitive buttons. This, so far seems to be the only downside for me (based on reviews anyway).
  3. sh500

    I don't like the Vega, what can I do?

    I have only had mine for a few days and think I may be returning it, solely for the poor screen. Even standard quality YouTube videos/iplayer shows are fairly pixelated. If this unit had a better screen, it would be great!
  4. sh500

    Is there a "Phone-to-Chrome" app out there?

    Yep, I think both both variants, browser to phone and vice versa need to be made available to the more popular browsers, IE and Firefox come to mind. I understand the 'source code' is readily available, just a case of someone developing it for specific browsers?
  5. sh500

    MCR r5 archive

    Good point about WiFi N, forgot that it was enabled in this ROM. Couldn't see a UI setting for it. People have suggested to perform a 'battery wipe' from recovery after charging the device to 100%. 14% in 15 hours... (!)
  6. sh500

    MCR r5 archive

    I've had this ROM running for two days and the battery seems to be draining incredibly fast (in comparison to the stock ROM/radio). My setup is exactly the same as when it was all stock. Anyone tried different radio combinations for an improvement? I'm running the latest (non-leaked) radio.
  7. sh500

    What radio do i flash for 2.2 MCR r5?

    I'm using http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...amp;postcount=1 works fine for me so far.
  8. sh500

    MCR r5 archive

    Did this ever get resolved? Just flashed r5 yesterday and found that when I click on the HTC mail app it asks me to create a new email account; I already have three emails setup but cannot switch between them, which was possible in r3.1 Any help would be appreciated. EDIT: Was a strange one. The mail app thought that there were no emails setup; even though when I (re)create an email account, it said it already exists. Anyway what I did was to create another dummy account (hotmail) and then I could see all three original account. Simply deleted the dummy one and all is fine now.
  9. I used this this ROM, which is 1.21 I believe and WiFi works fine for me. App2SD- the functionality is already enabled in the above ROM above, but you have to also 'set up' your SD card. I found using Gpart Live CD the easiest method of doing this.
  10. For those having trouble with errors on/from 'Step 1', try using this tool and following the instructions on there: http://android.modaco.com/content/software...n-goldcardtool/
  11. sh500

    WiFi proxy accees

    So a 'user friendly menu option' of proxy settings has not been implemented on the official Froyo release?
  12. sh500

    Battery life

    I've been using Juice Defender (free on market with a paid version for extra features). There are good reviews; I've had it installed for a while now, but haven't really tested to see what battery usage is like without the app for a comparison. It's known to cause issues with auto switching between a WiFi and G/3G/H connections, although the developers say that this problem is due to a 'problem' in the OS and not their software.
  13. @scotch whisky- you have obviously rooted your device; so you have A2SD working correctly, dalvik cache moved to SD? I've pretty much have been following this thread since it first started but like many others have been cautious to proceed but I am quickly running out of phone storage (!)
  14. I believe it's unique to the actual SD card itself, but can be used on multiple devices.
  15. I had similar problems when creating a gold card a few weeks back. Followed the instructions but the 'ID' error came up when running the RUU - implying the GC wasnt created properly- tried about 5 times! I have read that it may be the card reader (or the card, but you have tried Kingston, which is known to work. I've just got a Sandisk one), my reader is a USB multi-card type. I'm going to give it another go with a 'direct SD to USB' reader and see if that helps. But I'm seeing people have bigger issues with the root process itself!