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  1. Moeen Mahboob added a topic in ZTE Blade / Libra -   

    [HELP] Changing Screen Density on CM7.2
    I have installed Blade buddy on my OSF with CM7.2 and it had two signatures in build.prop file.


    I set both to 160, saved and rebooted.

    The trouble is my notification bar isnt working proper. Its like if I slide it down once, it doesnt refresh it and rather the old icons / date text keeps printed on the notification bar. So it gradually turns into clutter than staying refreshed each time an icon / notification changes. When I rotate my screen, my notification bar is clean again with no dead fuss.

    Its as explained in the screenshots below.

    The last screenshot is the cleaned Notification bar.

    If I havent set DPI correctly whats near possible number which will fix this problem?
    The keyboard has an offset of about 5-10 pixels from bottom as well.

    Solved it by setting the DPI to 180. Thats the correct setting

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  2. Moeen Mahboob added a post in a topic The BEST Launcher   

    Zeam Launcher (Smallest memory footprint and simplest)
    and its not on the list :/
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  3. Moeen Mahboob added a post in a topic [GUIDE]How to run HD games on our BLADE(most of them)[MORE TRICKS UPDATED]   

    After I edited my build prop file, I got inverted screen and couldn't do a thing till I restored my /system. Tell me respective lines specifically to replace. I am using CM7.2 stable on my blade
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  4. Moeen Mahboob added a post in a topic [ROM][GEN2]CyanogenMod 7 (Android 2.3.7)   

    Is there flashable zip package for those?

    I think 160mb partition is required for CM7 with Gapps to work (I am not sure)
    I am using 214MB system partition to keep my phone ready for ICS switch once a stable is up. I havent considered squeezing up sys as of yet since I move all my apps to SD card.
    There is a sticky about TPTs, you may have the respective TPT from there and start over with flashing the rom again

    CyanogenMod 7's is officially stable for v7.2, 7.1 and 7.0 considering latest gingerbread to date, 7.2 is the go, you can have it from
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  5. Moeen Mahboob added a post in a topic [Guide] de-bricking a ZTE Blade   

    nvm... figured out and fixed. :)
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  6. Moeen Mahboob added a post in a topic [ROM][GEN1-2-3] Moldovan Mile-High-Mountain-Pie RLS9 (Android 2.3.5)   

    when I installed MHMP after Gen3 TPT + Official Gingerbread, I got No Servive. Even switching to GSM only and turning off data didnt help. I get fine GSM/GPRS coverage on stock gingerbread but I cant root that somehow. Can you tell me what changes u made i ril and gsm?

    My operator is Ufone GSM, Pakistan.
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  7. Moeen Mahboob added a post in a topic San Francisco and LG Optimus One   

    Better screen, more ram = more room for running apps.
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  8. Moeen Mahboob added a post in a topic Graphic Glitch   

    Blue Ginger v5, no problems.
    Gangstar West Coast Hustle is the game that only works on blue ginger v5 with no disappeared textures.
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  9. Moeen Mahboob added a post in a topic zte blade gen2 3d games list   

    I have Gangstar WC Hustle working only on Blue Ginger v4/v5. None other android versions (froyo + GB) can run it with good textures for me.
    How you are able to run Assassin's Creed? It always gives me "This Video cannot be played" error and crashes to homescreen.
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  10. Moeen Mahboob added a post in a topic The most Light and Smooth Rom?   

    Where is Blue Ginger v4 and v5?
    So far best gone for me. And 3D acceleration is by far better!
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  11. Moeen Mahboob added a post in a topic Cannot view you tube videos?   

    Get Adobe Flash Player for armv6 and Dolphin Browser HD. You will get to play flash videos off any website. Frame rate will be a bit jittery but thats ok for me :)
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  12. Moeen Mahboob added a post in a topic [ROM] Blue Ginger V5   

    Just wanted Ad-hoc support :(

    Blue Ginger is AWESOME! even more AWESOME than v4...Hats off to psyloid
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  13. Moeen Mahboob added a post in a topic Spiderman: Total Mayhem on SF?   

    Gangstar doesnt work better than it does on Blue Ginger, and gameplay.... man! its fluid and smooth
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  14. Moeen Mahboob added a post in a topic Spiderman: Total Mayhem on SF?   

    Working with Great FPS on Blue Ginger v4 (the only best rom in 3D performance so far for me)
    Asphalt 5
    FIFA 10
    Star Battalion
    GT Racing HD
    NFS Shift
    Gangstar West Coast Hustle (ONLY works on blue Ginger v4, other version show broken and glitched gfx)

    Games that didnt work:
    1. N.O.V.A (screen unresponsive at tap screen to continue)
    2. Backstab HD (crashes right away after skipping the intro movie
    3. Assassin's Creed Altair's Cronicles(gives Video cannot be played error on intro movie)
    6. Asphalt 6 (crashes with force close)
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  15. Moeen Mahboob added a post in a topic Orange San Francisco BURNING HOT 55 degrees celsius!   

    Mine Blade also gets hot in 50ish, when I am recharging it or playing a game. The upper part of the body is affected
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