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  1. Thanks for your response - that link will certianly help mate. @ cjlargear, you could just put it on Ebay - not sure how much you would get for it. I mean, its only useful to someone who knows what theyr doing with it i.e replacing a button ? Cheers Spacecowboy
  2. I've done exactly the same thing - gutted :) I would also be pleased if anyone knew the above :) Cheers, S.C
  3. C600 stuff

    Excellent stuff mate. Cheers ! Spacecowboy ;)
  4. Hey, im well up for this - the one that comes with the phone is almost falling off ! PM me with the details guys, spacecowboy6982 :)
  5. reminisce- where are those members now?

    Lol, those names did bring back alot of memories :!: Well, since I got my C600 last week, I'm here to reunite witht he smartphone world once again ! I feel like a n00b again :oops: with all this formating here, registry this and that - im sure it wont take long for me to play catchup :)
  6. Yeah, sent a few pics and a few contacts no problem atall.
  7. Good job ! Just got the phone yesterday and Im never EVER going away from Smartphones again :oops: Spacecowboy :)
  8. Which Phone

    In your opinion, which would be the best smartphone to have presently DIsco Stu ??? THanks for any advise !
  9. Which Phone

    Is there a difference between the C550 and the Qtek 8100 ?? Or is it the same phone, rebranded ?? Thank you !!! Spacecowboy
  10. Liverpool

    Did anybody here watch the game............................... :shock: ????
  11. Liverpool

    What a game ! Dead chuffed for them :exclaim: ;)
  12. Truely Horrific Films

    Roadtrip, Dude, Where's My car, Jackie Brown - whats wrong with these films ;) !!!!! Thunderbirds, Whitenoise, Alexander, Gone with the wind, to name but a few - I could be here for hours - all shocking !
  13. PS3

    I read the PS3 wasnt changing its graphics card from the PS2 i.e. its the same one !!! ;)
  14. Flying Gonzo Game

    My score of 4000 is just pathetic ;)............
  15. PS3

    Dunno if this has been mentioned already but a nice PS3 shots - i dont know what the controller is all about :?: PS3 Preview !