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  1. Nook Simple Touch reduced to £29

    It seems Nook is playing dirty. My friend ordered 4 units. Everything OK. After 3 or 4 days, Nook sent and email stating that there was a problem with the payment and it should be solved in 7 days, after which, the order would be cancelled. 2 days after receiving the email (weekend), the bank informed that there was no problem with the payment. Just before contacting Nook to provide this information, he received an email from them informing that the order had been cancelled. Well, that's not fair :/
  2. Nook Simple Touch reduced to £29

    Thx for the reply. Got in contact with a friend that asked a UK resident to order it directly from Nook and after will ship it to us. 3 on the way, hehe
  3. Nook Simple Touch reduced to £29

    Further details: Available for sale to UK customers only; we cannot supply to overseas customers. The clearly state that they won't ship. How did you do it?
  4. r2: Legacy Play Store (with all purchased apps visible)

    International SG3, /system/app did the trick. Let's hope Google reads your tweets :)
  5. Asus TF101 Ice Cream Sandwich issues

    I'm quite satisfied with the ICS update. No problems to report besides the screen flickers.
  6. For me, the lack of a large codec playback it's a major issue. Convert it's not a n option. Of of the tablet's main functions is media playback. Even with batchs process it's not a viable solution. At least for me. This reminds me a similar situation: when I moved from my qtek 9000 to a HTC HD (blackstone) I just couldn't believe that the newer device couldn't play the same files I played on the qtek... I decided to buy a netbook I was looking to buy one, but this "issue" makes me wonder if I shouldn't wait for another option... The netbook will keep it's place.
  7. The last stage of Pulse development

    I'm in. I've a SGS but my wife owns a A1 B) it's quite ok for her needs. Thought to move for A5, but decided to stay. I'm quite new to linux and also Python, but I'm willing to give a hand. Cheers
  8. Could you please clarify this Amonra and update process? I think the TMN A1 thread would be a great place to do it and a lot of us would thank you for that.
  9. U8230 help request

    Could you please give more info? What steps did you take? FLB rom as an info "only for 8220" Cheers
  10. The post ay Huawei site is not clear ( at least for me ). This method is for 8220 only? Or will it work with 8230? And for versions like TMN A1 with more RAM? Looking at the instructions, I would say yes, but I don't know what's the purpose of the dload.zip. Cheers
  11. U8230 - TMN A1 - Portuguese branded

    I'll get mine friday or by next week (holidays, so not much time for android playing, will be time for sand, sun and water :() but after that i can try to give you a hand, at least on english hehe
  12. What's the negative side of this situation?
  13. U8230 - TMN A1 - Portuguese branded

    Good news after all. Not so clear the deduction (more what's behind it) but the important part is that roms are swappable. Is this assumption correct even for A1, which seems to have slight different hardware configuration? Forgive me if I'm questioning about stupid/elementary subjects, but Android is a complete new world. BTW: is there a good place ( besides google search and millions of results) were we can learn about Android Rom structure?
  14. U8230 - TMN A1 - Portuguese branded

    I saw that info today, but don't remember the thread. I think that there's a language selection on 1st boot.
  15. U8230 - TMN A1 - Portuguese branded

    I've just ordered an A1 fro my wife. Hope to get this rom in time :(