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  1. any weather plugin

    but that only works with U.K Cities, right ? I need a more global app.
  2. google reader, talk or mail plugins

    any news on this ?
  3. google reader, talk or mail plugins

    c'mon why nobody is interested ?
  4. google reader, talk or mail plugins

    sh!t , nobody's reading this forum...
  5. google reader, talk or mail plugins

    I need a plugin for google reader so badly. I'd pay well for this kind of plugin.
  6. google reader, talk or mail plugins

    11 views , no replies... there is no google talk or email plugin for liveview ?
  7. up button (onscreen) not working

    7 views with no replies. I assume, this means nobody else has seen this type of problem on their liveview. too bad for me :(
  8. Hi, My live view does not respond to up touchscreen button. All other buttons are working but I'm afraid there is a problem with the touchscreen . any ideas on how to fix it ??
  9. Hi, I am looking for email, google talk and google reader plugins to use with Liveview. Any plugins that you know ?
  10. any weather plugin

    Hi, I am looking for a weather plugin to use with Liveview. Any weather plugin that you know ?
  11. thank you. it works. what is the difference from CMW "wipe data" ?
  12. hi, sadlyi I've sold my Streak , moving to a Galaxy Note. now I have to delete my data on the Streak. What is the best way of doing this on the Gingerstreak rom ? I tried to factory reset through CWM but I got several apps FC on startup.
  13. Does chainfire have any advantage on Dell streak ? I mean if I use it , would it make any better performance with GTA3 ? btw, ver 1.1 of GTA3 was released with more device and cpu support. Should I try that on Streak ?
  14. does anyone have any success with GTA3 ? should I try chainfire ?
  15. Hi, Does GXKernel have the VPN, CIFS modules ready ? Also, I'd like to ask, has anyone tried GTA3 on Streak ? (with or without GXKernel) which version should I try ? SGS 2 ?