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  1. RedEye WiFi now available for Android [DISCOUNT]

    me too please, ta. steve.
  2. [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    search overclock on the market - there are a few free tools.
  3. [HONEYCOMB][CROSS POLLINATION] Got port? May 9th 2011

    where did you read this? link?
  4. [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    +1 worked for me. Note; I could not get WiFi working (would show error after about 2 mins. Once I had titanium backup running, I restored my WiFi settings backup & WiFi started & connected no problem (didn't even need to put in password!)
  5. [dev] honeycomb sdk port

    (Pointless but enthusiastic post warning...) Looks promising indeed, reading the posts it seems they have progressed quite far solving the GL exceptions they were stuck on. Is this something we can use for the Vega? Fingers crossed. Steve.
  6. Best Desktop? Best File Manager?

    If you want true drag / drop you could use "samba filesharing" then manage files wirelessly from your pc.
  7. Best Desktop? Best File Manager?

    Not sure there is a file manager for android which has drag and drop support. That said , file expert (search market) is very very good with some useful networking options, sharing options and built in zip and rar support.
  8. Time/Date Problem

    Warwound, have you noticed any other improvements? is the touch response better do sceen items still judder when slow scrolling? mine has the datetime reset issue - im thinking of exchanging.
  9. Android browser bug - For info only

    Miren works no problem.
  10. Cheeky ;-) Oh dear, I guess there is a problem! It should only show once - after 5 uses from install. Tell me, do your settings save OK? Can you add a timer set & does it persist after closing & reopening the application? Can you browse to the installation folder & tel me what value is assigned to "app.rc" in the file "config.ini"? it should be increment with each usage. If it is stuck at 5 then change it to 6! Steve. It would seem with some new features i added - I have started using .NET2 framework which it appears does not install on 2003 (i think it was something to do with touch adding screen support & rotation. My apologies, If I get time, I will try to remove these dependencies without removing any functionality. for now though, it would seen to be a no go! Steve. PS, sorry for the delay in responding.
  11. Updated - mainly to support rotation and square screens. Steve.
  12. he he I guess I'm not the only one interested in 'stealth' I actually need a hot key app (like hold 7 down) to execute that deletes all texts + phone records for 'given person' that would make things much easier. Regards.
  13. Yes and Yes! But not as satisfied as I will be now I have that handy tip.
  14. Hello all, is it possible to prevent certain numbers (contacts) from being logged in the call history? Alternatively, is it possible to delete single items from the call log? Cheers, steve.

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