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  1. MN-Internet

    Lost Application

    I need help in finding an application I use to have. I have an HTC Wizard w/wm5. The app lets you use the keyboard on the computer to type messages on your wizard. Any help? Thanks in advance.... randy-
  2. I really don't know where to post this. I had a program on my other computer and now can not find it on this site again. I was able to hook up my MDA (windows5.X) and could use the computer to type messages on the phone. Anyone know where this app is? Thank you in advance... Randy-
  3. MN-Internet

    HTC Wizard Service Manual

    Anyone know of a free download of this?
  4. MN-Internet

    Actvesync Remote Display

    I want to thank you for finding out how to use this tool. I have been looking for someting like this ever since I gave my Razor V3 to my wife. I was missing the ability to send a message through the phone while connected to the computer. If you figure out how to use the other PowerToys on the HTC Wizard, please let me know. :D Thank you-ever so much, :( Dr. Cook