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  1. That bootloader...

    Does this device have a BIOS? If so, couldn't you extract the bios information and manipulate it as you would a PC bios?
  2. The Best Homescreen Launcher

    How so, explain! Ive used launcher pro forever. lol
  3. The Best Homescreen Launcher

    Yea but its not broke! lol
  4. The Best Homescreen Launcher

    nobody use launcherPRO anymore?
  5. Now this device has been rooted.

    I would recommend you try install it again, and use this: http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=367060 . Faster and smoother than windows 7, but without the windows 8 crapness.
  6. Now this device has been rooted.

    I have hope for the future! This phone was made to run windows 8 lol
  7. So, its finally been rooted, but should we still consider it a phone? This device has endless possibilities, such as running windows 8 on it and other operating systems designed for x86 architecture. Is there a BIOS like any standard PC on this device? is there a way to change boot options to different devices? Endless possibilities.
  8. How To root your San Diego

    How will the device see the SD card, as at the moment it shows the onboard storage as being SD
  9. How To root your San Diego

    Yep works 100% perfectly on my phone. Really happy with it, much snappier than gingerbread!
  10. and it doesn't damage the coating below?
  11. now... the ultimate question, how can we remove the orange logo from the back of the phone :P
  12. How To root your San Diego

    Yea, upgraded to ICS today from stock orange rom, went to Xolo gingerbread then to Xolo ICS.
  13. How To root your San Diego

    Just used Rootcheck, its confirmed my device is rooted with no flashy screen.
  14. How To root your San Diego

    Well its installed superuser, how do you confirm if its rooted?
  15. How To root your San Diego

    I never had a flashing screen, it just rebooted and that was that.