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  1. Hi Paul, any news about volume-wake fot new base 2.24.401.1 ? because when phone go to deep-sleep not works ... tks mate
  2. Paul, any way to add a solution for remove the 3 dots menu on new base 4.2.2 htc one ? tks mate
  3. Paul, new version is avaible for download ? read on xda now ... tks bro .... need to send you PM ? TKS again
  4. Hi Paul, installed new rom with new base (htc one) and Toolkit it is not compatible to install the apk, it install but didn't find in my app list...
  5. key received .. tks mate
  6. @Paul : sent PM for key
  7. Hi Paul,check now playstore but didn't find the app ...check also my personal shop but nothing ... (buy 3 weeks ago)where I can find it ?t ks mate
  8. hi ...also for me no more avaible on the store ...updating today my htc one with last firmware so lost all my apps : restored all , only missing is modaco toolkit
  9. tks Paul ....looking for Toolkit now on playstore ...edit : find now and bought !!!
  10. Hi Paul, link for stock signed doesn't works ...
  11. sorry if repeat : with root lost the OTA updates from htc ? thanks for reply
  12. tks ... it is apk file if download with firefox .. with explorer save it as zip file ... now with firefox is ok ! tls very much Ani
  13. hi, the file downloaded on first post is a zip file .... need to rename to apk ? tks
  14. sorry for question : how to install visionary ? flash it using power and volume down ? resolved used firefox to download ... my question is this : if rooted lost the OTA updates from htc ? tks for reply

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