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    Asus Fonepad Review

    Please see this about flash player and do not update the v3.1.16 firmware if you want flash !!! http://forum.xda-dev...91&postcount=60 That is my latest find and you can also read previous posts of mine on that same thread leading to the broken update...etc BTW...mine is the TW sku.... it's a long shot but ...is there anychance I can roll back to v3.1.11 ?? it's not available anywhere ! they have since pulled the TW & JP SKU versions ( v3.1.16 ) Now here I am stuck with a version that's not even on their download page anymore !! NOT COOL at all !! They should have archive versions to let their customers go back if needed be.
  2. I'm in the process of getting this device and have numerous applications for both smartphone & pocketpc ...etc I was wondering for those that has already doing some installations on this device. Do you installed smartphone appz or pocketpc specific appz ?? Reason is .. those 2 terms used to specified 2 types of devices: Smartphone -->> no touch screen PocketPC phone --->> touch screen having owned both a HTC Excalibur (S621) --->> smartphone and TyTN II ( Kaiser ) PocketPC phone ... I have both appz and games for them in both types ( smartphone & pocketpc ) ... they only worked specifically for the intended platform ... meaning pocketpc appz will not run on my Excalibur's phone and vice versa ..etc doing researched on the net have mixed resultsfor the TG01... some are calling it a smartphone ...and some referred to it as pocketpc phone ...etc I guess everyone is calling these high tech phones a "smartphone" these days ... please clear the confusion for me. Thanks.
  3. UnicornKaz

    The official 'I got my TyTN II thread'

    WI-FI activesync ( which is impossible since WM5 ) ... is totally different then wireless syncing to an exchange server !! :D the 1st, you are wifi to the desktop activesync ... ""Microsoft made huge mistake by removing the feature of ActiveSync over Wi-Fi synchronization altogether! Previously, in older versions of Windows Mobile, it was possible to synchronize with your PC over Wi-Fi (and thus also over whole Internet) but out of security reasons Microsoft removed this feature (instead of just disabling this feature by default)."" http://blogs.msdn.com/windowsmobile/archiv.../22/420884.aspx http://msmobiles.com/news.php/5334.html http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost....44&SiteID=1 ~~~~~ and the latter ... you are using wifi to an exchange account ( which is the same as web browsing and/signing on to a forum or hotmail ) ... :wub:
  4. UnicornKaz

    The official 'I got my TyTN II thread'

    do you want to confirmed that ??? ;) ever since WM5.0 ... NOBODY could activesync wireless ( BT yes, but not WIFI ) !!! MS crap ! :wub: :D
  5. UnicornKaz

    FLV Converter

    adobe flash lite played SWF file flawlessly on my HTC S621 !!! :rolleyes: It played SWF files stored on your device/storage card ... haven't tested on site with SWF embedded through browser yet. let me know how it turn out for ya :P flashlite_2.1_winmobile5_sp.rar
  6. http://www.modaco.com/index.php?s=&sho...st&p=819896
  7. SIM Unlock = Use any carrier's SIM in the device CID Unlock = Load any carrier ROM on the device. Application Unlock = Most smart phones only allow you to load applications that have an acceptable digital signature. If you try to edit the registry or load an application it will give you an error. Application Unlocking removes this barrier and allows you to install any application or edit the registry to your liking. when you had paid for the unlocked services ( SIM & CID ) ...and then did the Application unlock in order to install 3rd party softwares ..etc after any ROM upgrade ... your device will remains UNLOCKED ... so not to worry !! The only thing you have to RE-DO is the "APPLICATION UNLOCK" ... that's it !!!