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  1. #askmodaco - the HTC One X+

    OK, - still not a changable battery? - still no micro-sd slot? Oh how I hate the plastic box of my SGS3, I miss the quality of my HTC Desire. I'd like to buy HTC but they don't want me as a customer...
  2. using DATA2SD or DATA2EXT upon MCR?

    Hmmm... no, maybe 50 apps. But e.g. Skype has 3 MB data although the app itself is on SD. But I had more space free (>30MB) before I did a restore with Titanium Backup. Maybe there are any orphanes left?
  3. using DATA2SD or DATA2EXT upon MCR?

    FYI: This did not work for me as /etc/init.d/ does not exist in recovery mode. You have to mount /system r/w and then you can use /system/etc/init.d Thanks for the scripts!
  4. using DATA2SD or DATA2EXT upon MCR?

    Well, they are quite cheap, so no problem if they don't last 3 years and I have to replace it after 1 year. But <20MB free with already moved dalvik cache and apps is not funny.
  5. using DATA2SD or DATA2EXT upon MCR?

    And what happens with my already moved Dalik cache and my apps that were already moved? I use R9 with A2SD+.
  6. using DATA2SD or DATA2EXT upon MCR?

    Could you post that modified script here along with some instructions how to install (add it to init.d or replace another file in init.d)? Oliver
  7. 1.3 does not work on Vista for me :D
  8. WM5torage

    Wohoooooo.... I thought I read somewhere that WM5torage will not work on a Loox n560, but this beta4 does work. But veeery slowly... Attached is the log in case it is of any interest for you. wm5drvlog.zip