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  1. Why are Nexus accessories so expensive and so late?

    My biggest gripe in this area is the lack of Qi charging orb. Why don't we have that yet? I've had my N4 for over five months. When/if its ever available I doubt I'll bother anymore, might as well wait for the next generation. I'm considering the LG WCP-300 when thats available. The pricing on the other accessories is laughable really. £16 for a cable, as if. Who doesn't have a load lying around anyway?? Don't need a second power adapter when you can charge off of any USB port. The bumper has had poor reviews and it came a little late for me anyway, I've got a few marks on my N4 from when it slid from a seemingly flat surface onto my hallway floor, would seem like bolting the door after the horse has bolted now. The headphones look o.k but I have better headphones already.
  2. MoDaCo - now with more members than Luxembourg!

    Congratulations Paul I joined MoDaCo in December 2003 after picking up my Motorola MPx200. I loved that phone, and this forum helped me to get the best out of it. I actually bought one off Ebay about month ago when nostalgia got the better of me :D Just thinking back to those days, what happened to 'Midnight'? Haven't seen a post on here from him in years but back in the day he seemed to be involved in a lot??? Anyway, thanks Paul and long may the success continue Kurt
  3. Has anyone got their Pulse yet?

    Same here, if so it will definitely be my next device for the next 6 months until my contract is up, then who knows what Android wonders there will be out there, maybe the Hero 2?? :(
  4. Cheers Paul Donation made, have a couple of cold ones on me :rolleyes:
  5. I know this is a bit off topic but I just used Apptodate for the first time, and wow its impressive. Paul, I would like to make a donation. Can you confirm that the e-mail address I should use is [email protected]? Many thanks
  6. Got the ROM installed, went without a hitch. Its fast and responsive and very well put together. I've not used Batti before but I actually quite like it. I have to say IE6 is an improvement on the previous version but its not a patch on Opera 9.5 still, but as long as I have to have it, it may as well be IE6. Compared to my old Orange ROM I've noticed that MP4 videos play A LOT faster with Album, they're actually watchable compared to freezing the device up. Thanks again Paul :rolleyes:
  7. Thanks very much Paul Will give this a spin later :rolleyes:
  8. Touch Hd ~ Weak battery life

    I can get 3 days plus out of mine with low usage. Its the best PPC device I've had battery wise, not tried using it as a sat nav for more than 40 mins yet though, but 1.5 - 2 hours sounds pretty good.
  9. Panels on Touch HD - installer!

    It WONT work on the Omina as the Omnia has a W QVGA not a WVGA display. Hope that clears it up
  10. Panels on Touch HD - installer!

    I think the XDA thread is closed because after you launched your CLEARLY marked early alpha for people to have a play, everyone over there started laying into !SINGH! because he hadn't released a CAB yet. Then he looks as though he threw all his toys out the pram because you had released the CAB early. All a bit childish really. Most of the arguments could have been avoided if people would just READ. Anyway I've tried the modaco panels cab out on my Orange UK device. Ran o.k for about 5 or six launches then froze my device, pretty much what was expected I think. But its only a quick soft reset to fix it. I have to say the soft reset is pretty snappy compared to my old Eten X800 and my Artemis B)
  11. Orange rip off? :(

    If you use data then........yes. I went back to Orange to get this handset but they still don't offer a decent unlimited data package, they are litterally years behind the competition on this now, they want £8 for 30mb, as if. Or £42 for 80mb. You can get a lot more for £7.50 on every other network. Luckily I don't use data that much out and about apart from where I can get free wi-fi. If you do want to get one on Orange go through mobiles.co.uk and get it free on plans £35 a month or more and bag yourself some cashback and a free bluetooth headset aswell, don't bother with the rip off upgrade. I believe mobiles.co.uk were getting them in stock on O2 as well very soon. I would get it on O2 if I were you, don't make my mistake!
  12. I got my HD from Mobiles.co.uk Free phone, £35 per month (18 month), £10 cash back and a free Jabra bluetooth headset (thanks Paul!) Their service was great, no problems at all, so will probably use them again as I couldn't peronally find a better deal for what I was looking for. I'm pretty sure you can get £40 cashback if you buy a contract phone from mobiles.co.uk via quidco aswell.
  13. If you use the remote desktop function, the screen real estate on the HD is going to be a plus. The Pro is nice but I found the screen a bit too small and I wasn't a fan of the keypad, I personally found it too small and fiddly. I Haven't had an X1 to play with so can't really comment on it. Paul has done a pretty comprehensive review on it in the review section which should give you some idea if its for you. Touchflo 3D has a favourite contacts tab which I find quite easy to use.
  14. Got mine today B) Still setting it up but the screen is amazing, I ordered a touch pro (XDA Serra) at the same time to compare them but the XDA is heading back on the morrow!
  15. O2 XDA ZEST

    Infact the Zest has a better screen, and camera so maybe not based on the P552W at all, B)

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