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  1. I also found this speaker from TDK
  2. The alarm clock would be perfect if it utilised Bluetooth also!
  3. Paul uses a Mac so he'll know, try dropping him a Tweet... You'll be more at home here :-D
  4. There are Viruses? LoL I worry not about things like that until there is real evidence of such things happening... :-D
  5. Use the Vega browser to download the APK from getjar and then open it on the Vega! :-D
  6. Can the rotation issue be fixed so that Apps read the screen to be portrait rather than landscape as default?
  7. Just noticed the back of mine has loads of little scratches on it, despite being placed on a cloth..... :-O
  8. Yes, you can.
  9. Opening the box just reduces the time you are allowed to return. 28 days for unopened and 7 days for opened. Thanks to whoever it was that pointed out the PDF in the email. :-D
  10. True I just didn't envisage the screen being so bad, text isn't legible as I lean back slightly. Having the Nexus next to it doesn't help as you can see the screen from any angle... :-D Ah well, not to worry, horses for courses I guess...
  11. LoL I just realise that I'd prefer the Tab with the full Google experience and a screen I can see when it is lay flat on my desk without me having to be right over the top of it.... I've already arranged for Dixons to come and collect the other one... :-s
  12. does anyone know if I can return the Vega to a Currys store or does it have to be collected?
  13. I think as soon as the orientation issue is fixed and we have access to the Android market, life will be sweeter...
  14. Browser is identified as Safari on a Mac.....
  15. Spotify isn't displaying properly due to the device using landscape instead of portrait as the default setting, and as Spotify doesn't support landscape holding the device in portrait doesn't work.... This thing needs a lot of polish, the keyboard is next to unusable for me. The playback sounds good though.... :-D

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