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  1. Published new official version (6.0.0) of the eWeather HD. New version adds: • Weather buoys: wave height, direction and period, wind and gust, pressure, water and air temperature, tides etc • More precision icons • Option to set your images or photos as a background for app and widgets • Option for display tide station, air quality station and buoy on the map • New 4x1 widgets: barometer, tides etc • Option for first hour in the hour by hour graph widget • Humidity in the 4x1 widget • Option to turn off the air quality on 1x1 and 1x2 widgets • More detail history for hurricane tracking • Option for text brightness when the display mode is information • Options for pressure widget • Feels like temperature hour by hour graph
  2. New version (5.9) of the eWeather HD for Android released. New version adds: • Air Quality (for USA cities, UK cities, Berlin, Moscow, Paris etc) • Changing the length of daylight hours, compared to the previous day • Options for choose language • Options for remove last year weather, geomagnetic index, moon and sun information from forecast • Options for display precipitation amount on the pull down area for the status bar • Filter for set minimum probability of the hail, tornado and wind alerts
  3. eWeather HD now works on Android TV: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Elecont.WeatherTV
  4. New version of the eWeather HD for Android • Tornado and hail probability (USA only) • New temperature and date 1x1 widgets • New option for weather widget: display hour by hour forecast instead of day by day forecast • New option for weather widget: number days or hours for display • New 10-day temperature graph merged with hourly temperature graph: 10-options-mode-Single line with hourly forecast • New option for set proportion of the widget for match to the desktop grid • New option for temperature line graphic smoothing • New option for switch Celsius and Fahrenheit direct from tool bar • Fixed error with leap year in 365 days archive • More precision threshold for high and low temperature notification
  5. New version of the eWeather HD for Android (5.7.5) has been released: • Tide forecast for coastal towns in the app and widgets • Form design for widgets • Support for new formats of weather icons downloaded from the Internet • New option for disable weather update when the battery is low • New option for weather update only during charging the phone • New option for notification about strong wind with specific direction • Enhancements for prevent widget freeze • Battery widget • A lot of new options for widgets, notifications and weather graphs • Fixed minor errors in some display modes for 365 days • Customizable toolbar
  6. Nw version of the Animated Weather Map (1.1.0) for Android adds: - tide predictions - hurricane (tropical storm) tracking - weather archive for last two years - eWeather HD integration
  7. new version of the eWeather HD for Android (5.6.8): - New option for display strong wind, heavy rain, pressure changes, high humidity and extra rainfall in the notification area when the threshold is exceeded - More detailed icons (mostly sunny, mostly cloudy instead of sun and clouds) - New varicoloured icon themes (loaded from Internet) - New varicoloured digital clock themes (loaded from Internet) - New varicoloured icons for status bar pull-down area - New design - loaded from Internet - New 4x2 widget with digital clock and 4 day forecast - New widget with pressure graph (barometer) - Run external apps by click on a widget
  8. New version (5.5) of the eWeather HD for Android released. New version adds: • Hurricane tracking • Alarm clock time on clock dial and graph • Weather archive for month • Weather alert categories with different sounds and silent mode at night • How much time remaining before the sunrise or sunset • Send weather alerts by SMS • Solstice, Equinox, Polar night, Polar day, Solar eclipse, Lunar eclipse • Backup and restore app settings • New 10-day graph modes • Wind gust • Click on yellow and blue points for display sunset, sunrise and day length • Option for enable/disable 365 days archive • Options for enable/disable menu buttons for map, radar, earthquakes and alerts • Inverse rotation of the seconds hand for joke
  9. New version (5.4) of the eWeather HD for Android released. The weather archive for last year have added in new version. Weather for last year is available in the new window of the app, in 10-day description and in new widgets. Annual archives of air temperature and sea for any city in the world allows you to choose the good time and place for the travel. You can compare the weather in the current year with the weather in the last year. Also you can always have an your own opinion about the statements that has never was so cold, hot, wet, dry, etc. Also color themes have been added. You can download or create new color themes and then share with your friends (Menu-Settings-Programm-color theme). Visibility on the roads have been added in to the current conditions tab. This will give you one more argument in the decision for choose car or public transport. Dew point graph in the hourly forecast will allow to you better planning time to work out of the home.
  10. New version (5.3) of the eWeather HD for Android released New features: • Animation. • HD icons for Classic and Symbol themes. • New look for status bar pull down area. • Precipitation amount (blue bar height) and precipitation probability (blue bar width) on clock dial.
  11. I released my new app: Animated Weather Map. The app shows Google maps with weather forecast for 10 days, animated weather icons, water and air temperature, radar (USA only), earthquakes, weather alerts, population, road traffic, wind, buoys, etc . You can discuss about it with me.
  12. eWeather HD 5.2 for Android released Full list of the new features: • Radar is compatible with Android 4.4 now. • Digital clock inside dial with hourly forecast. • Option for choose values by click on the dial of the weather clock. • New lock screen widget with dial and five day forecast or alerts list or quakes list or map. • New widget with alerts list with sizes from 2x2 to 5x5. • New widget with earthquakes list with sizes from 2x2 to 5x5. • Map was improved. • New option for hide state and country in location names. • New option for screen on always when app is running. • Widget preview speed was increased. • Earthquakes filter by depth was added. • Two lines mode for 1x1 widget. Read more: http://www.elecont.com/eWeatherHD-Android-52.aspx
  13. eWeather HD 5.0 for Android released New features of the eWeather HD, ver.5.0: • Widgets for lockscreen was added (only for Android 4.2 and 4.3). • The speed of the radar and cloud satellite was increased few times. • Cloud satellite layer added for Europe, Japan and Australia. • Option was added for replace current conditions with hourly forecast data on widgets and notification area based on measurement age. • Option was added for show current conditions in 10 day forecast. • Widgets are more stable now. • App size was decreased on 15%: 7.8 Mb instead of 9.3 Mb

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