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  1. Debranding T-mob De

    Thanks. I did follow this thread and it's done. Just unlock bootloader, rooted, change the CID to HTC__001 and run this stock 1.78 ruu. All clean and neat, just, as a few people note already, the czech lang. is missing, but that doesn't bother me, until I decide to sell it around here. However, does someone know about a different ROM with that cz language?
  2. Debranding T-mob De

    OK, my CID is T-MOB101. So there is now no way yet to change it for stock HTC European ROM and still getting the regular OTA? Or at least to get my APNs recognized?
  3. Debranding T-mob De

    Dear all, first please forgive me for this post, I know it was probably talked a few times here already, but I am a bit of a newbie in rooting Android, last time I played with custom ROMs was with HTC Diamond. And also for my maybe a bit strange english. I would be thankful, if someone can point me to the right direction. The situation is - I have One S (Z520e) from T-mob DE, althoug living in a different part of Europe. Build nr. CL57593, with kernel 3.0.8-01133-gc80ec91. What I'd like to achieve at the end is debranding for a regular stack version of European HTC ROM (WWE?), with working OTA, no need for permanent root, can be locked after done. So guess I will need to root it first, change the CID, flash the propper HTC ROM, than unroot (lock) it back. Is there any tutorial as what software do I need (on Win 7 64) where to get it, and somehow step by step instructions? Thank You