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  1. You must unlock your phone first before trying to install any new Rom..you can pay the $40 from a service and get a sim/cid unlock, or you can ask Tmobile for the code.( must be with them for 90) days, or last but not least there is a program out there on another forum that will bypass that error, but it hasnt been fully tested yet. I called tmobile, got my sim unlock, used surrealnetworks to download an unlocker, then proceeded to install the HTC rom...It really is nice. There is alot less memory leakage, and it is more robust and faster.. I have been using it for almost a month now...just so you know, the new rom doesnt have mobile office or voice command, you must install that seperately...Good Luck!
  2. Has anyone got ANY threader to work on the dash with WM6.

  3. I was wondering what sms program you all use instead of the standard that comes with WM6. On my Tmobile Dash I have tried TxMan, and the palm threaded app. Neither are able to be configured properly- the TxMan wont capture an inbound text message and Palm wont send out ...it goes to 90% then stops. Any suggestions..Thanks.