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  1. Search for SmartTweaker. It allows you to store your ringtones on the miniSD card. There may be a registry edit for this too. I got the program though, and just be aware that you have to unlock your motoQ in order to even install smartTweaker... but it works!
  2. Flash Player

    unrar had a tgetfile in the .rar which doesn't bug you for a "trial version" so that was a nice find. thanks for the post
  3. find a new free software

    oh man great post... I wish I knew about this before I got Agile Messanger... i still like it but I like FREE better lol edit: oh its only for chatting with people on the morange network... good now I don't feel bad. The RSS and stuff is decent. it runs a little slow tho, and I had no idea where the other stuff was until I accidently hit left and right and the soft keys. lol! cool little app tho.
  4. Flash Player

    I downloaded flash lite 2.1 and it loads .flv files but it doesn't work with IE so I don't know what to do. shouldn't it? Maybe I'll try downloading opera mobile... its a pain finding some of these apps
  5. Streaming Internet Audio

    I've been streaming NPR to my Qblack... let me try those sites and I'll get back to you. It was a little weird at first. You may want to try a soft reset and see if that fixes it. Also check to see what kind of player the site requires.
  6. Motorola Q and Napster

    microsoft active sync? drag and drop. That's what I do.
  7. Volume Control

    I honestly wish the... uh useless... scroll wheel was only volume control. any way to make this possible?
  8. PocketNesterPlus 0.9

    Hey... does anyone else get an annoying message whenever they try to load a rom? "This message is shown by a trial version of tGetFile SDK..." et. al. So um is there a non-trial version? cuz its not listen on that site :/ not a big deal. great post tho!