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  1. Advent Vega kernel source code now available!

    Just awesome :P
  2. Where to buy your Vega!

  3. Where to buy your Vega!

    I'm selling mine with the dock if anyone wants it before it goes on eBay...
  4. Linux on Vega (Ubuntu, meeGo)

    That looks pretty awesome! Excellent work! :D
  5. I've flashed 0.4 and it seems to be pretty good. However, I still have a problem... The first time it boots, the touch screen doesn't work needing it to be force powered off.
  6. Having just flashed this with CWM, I'll add to the list of bug reports... Base ROM is 1.08 with Paul's add-on pack. * Market fails to launch (Briefly pops up then goes away) * Touch screen failed to respond after first reboot * Battery Widget (Here) now always displays 100% * Quadrant score of 1110 On the plus side, the wireless connects really quickly and so far it hasn't decided it no-longer wants to connect to the network. Excellent work so far! :(
  7. 22/Feb - Dock is now live to buy on PCWorld

    I agree, but I've ordered one as well. Hopefully it will be here before the weekend.
  8. Vega dock 40 quid???

    Ordered mine. Fingers crossed it should be here before the weekend.
  9. [POLL] Advent Vega Charging and USB Dock

    I know i siad this in the other thread, but that's excellent news. Will it be available in store, or online only?
  10. Vega dock 40 quid???

    Excellent news. Will it be available in store, or online only?
  11. [POLL] Advent Vega Charging and USB Dock

    Is this available in store, or is it online only?
  12. post your vega desktops

    That's pretty cool. What is the clock and info widgets you are using?
  13. Should be there now... i realised after I clicked 'submit' that it wouldn't acctually letme upload an APK, so i've rar'ed it up and attached that.
  14. I've attached the APK for the Market, as the one that Paul has in the addon doesn't seem to work. I havn't tried usb host/slave so unfortunately I can't comment :P The Quadrant score is around 1800, so not fantasic however in terms of usability it feels considerably smoother in use than 1.06.5 or 1.08 Vending.rar