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  1. Yea, memory management is not really good. Too agressive. :P We Want Android 2.3.4 (official update) for GT540 - Join us!
  2. 2.3 based on CM7 aka swiftdroid project

    Yea? We have a plan. Wait 4 instructions. We need more members from all country where this phone sold. :P And why problem the hungarian posting? Everyone allowed to post local language. If you write a good article in persian language, i post it. :rolleyes: We Want Android 2.3.4 (official update) for GT540 - Join us!
  3. 2.3 based on CM7 aka swiftdroid project

    Do you really think, if we got factory update, mureik cant able to make a far better custom rom? Kernel, libs and modules come from 2.1, stability, battery, call processing, audio, codecs, power usage problems... we need proper factory update... And dont forget when your battery suddenly die, because phont cant step into suspend mode... So we need an official update. Please support us! We Want Android 2.3.4 (official update) for GT540 - Join us!
  4. 2.3 based on CM7 aka swiftdroid project

    Please join us! We Want Android 2.3.4 (official update) for GT540 - Join us! Instructions later. LG will help if we ask hard. :P
  5. anyone tried a high capacity battery??

    dont buy fake batteries, like that.. thats a sh*t... i found only one , extended battery. Maybe that good, but not so cheap: Mugen 1800mAh
  6. First Android 2.3 For Lg Gt540 Ready

    3D cant working (no picture), but at the moment it cant crash atleast. ;)
  7. First Android 2.3 For Lg Gt540 Ready

    Check at prohardver.hu 's Optimus topic. fdespotovski: thats a fake 2.3 , only build numbers rewrited. Checked. Thanks god, without sim card. When proper working 2.3 system is ready, it will be posted. ETA: when its done.
  8. First Android 2.3 For Lg Gt540 Ready

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING! FAKE! DO NOT DOWNLOAD! SMS TROJAN IN ROM! ONLY REWRITED BUILD AND KERNEL NUMBER!!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A hungarian programmer guy working on PROPER 2.3 for GT540. Test build ready maybe within 1-2 day.
  9. LG Gt540 rom updates from LG

    Thank you guys, this rom has a corrected hungarian translate, i think. Thank you for reply! With Root explorer, delete under /system/app/sns **** .apk, restart phone then make an uninstall in app manager. LG Virtual modem disabled in PC's system settings, and removed battery/sdcard/simcard? My friend flashed the greece ROM, FW version 2010. oct. 5!!! With corrected hungarian translate, stock 2.1 firmware!
  10. LG Gt540 rom updates from LG

    Hard reset cannot help? Needed after first boot. (caches need to be cleaned fully)
  11. LG Gt540 rom updates from LG

    MAy you check one thing in greece rom with hungarian language? Please set language to hungarian (magyar), and see me one thing. In settings, 3rd menu "Hang &és kijelző" or what? Typing is important. Thank you!
  12. LG Gt540 rom updates from LG

    updated baltics ROM, there is some difference between this and older baltic rom. i compared file with md5 and total commander's file compare too. :) Info from other sites: camera bugs corrected. I updated my phone, thats a stock firmware. I recommend all, install this. 122MB free space. One bug, Facebook for LG needs to be uninstalled because make some weird things. (delete apk from system). No other problems, like french rom. French rom is unstable for me, and the hungarian translate is a piece of sh!t.... But i need help. Someone able to make working cifs.ko for LG Optimus? I try it, but w/o success. :)
  13. 2.1 Bouygues ROM word of warning

    all apps "deletable", then restart and make uninstall. But APNS-CONF.xml cant working, always set back bouyges mmsc. :)
  14. How to root your LG GT540

    i stucked on "waiting 4 device" with ADB... win7 x64... :/ mod: solved, start phone in fastboot mode, start image uploading with fastboot.exe THEN connect phone to pc. :lol:

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