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  1. Chandalf added a post in a topic Cloud Music Players, are they all that?   

    It's not a [complete] solution to one of the issues, but I use an Android App called iSyncr which does the job of getting what I want to hear on to my phone with reasonable ease. Anyone else tried it?
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  2. Chandalf added a post in a topic What will be your next Android phone and why?   

    I'm tempted by the ASUS Padfone. Not as well speced as the Samsungs or HTCs but I have a TF101 and the prospect of carrying less gear around does appeal.
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  3. Chandalf added a post in a topic Asus to announce the PadFone on 27th February at MWC   

    I'm a big fan of convergence gadgets, so this is the obvious next step. I have a TF101 and a Galaxy S2 and would love to replace them with this if - and it's a big if - ASUS can produce a phone that comes close to the SGS2 (I know they can match/better the TF). So far I have found no leaks re the spec of the phone component of the Padfone, does anyone have any info?
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