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  1. Cloud Music Players, are they all that?

    It's not a [complete] solution to one of the issues, but I use an Android App called iSyncr which does the job of getting what I want to hear on to my phone with reasonable ease. Anyone else tried it?
  2. What will be your next Android phone and why?

    I'm tempted by the ASUS Padfone. Not as well speced as the Samsungs or HTCs but I have a TF101 and the prospect of carrying less gear around does appeal.
  3. Asus to announce the PadFone on 27th February at MWC

    I'm a big fan of convergence gadgets, so this is the obvious next step. I have a TF101 and a Galaxy S2 and would love to replace them with this if - and it's a big if - ASUS can produce a phone that comes close to the SGS2 (I know they can match/better the TF). So far I have found no leaks re the spec of the phone component of the Padfone, does anyone have any info?