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  1. cdd543 added a post in a topic Ask MoDaCo: the HTC One   

    Are you seeing any lag or stuttering in the device anywhere? Also what's your impression on usability of the screen in direct sunlight? Thanks!
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  2. cdd543 added a post in a topic English repack of 1.28.1400.6 for One X [updated]   

    Downloading now...thanks!
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  3. cdd543 added a post in a topic Build-in SiRF III GPS receiver for Blackjack II   

    Sorry you are having so many issues. My gps works better on this than on my Motorola q or my blackberry 8310. I dloaded gps is first..then downloaded gps test/ rather than enabling since I had it on my desktop from the q9h and mine works with telenav, google maps and live search.
    You might just doublecheck all the settings.
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