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  1. So who needs a Phablet anyway?

    There's no problem pocketing the Note 2! I'm a regular sized guy, and my Note 2 fits in the front and back pockets off all my trousers without issue and (importantly) without looking like I've got a canoe in my pocket! :) I don't have to remove it when I sit down if it is in my front pockets either.
  2. noticed this image on asus website

    It's more than likely that that image is a photoshop, and the screen being displayed as actually from a Transformer or Transformer Prime. Regards, Dave
  3. Did you wipe data and cache in recovery? Regards, Dave
  4. Well, put it this way, my Flyer didn't come with an external MicroSD card. Open up your Flyer and check to see if the MicroSD card slot is populated - I rather suspect you don't have one, and you need one in order to install HC. Regards, Dave
  5. Ok, I have to ask the obvious question - you do have a FAT32 formatted MicroSD card in the Flyer? Regards, Dave
  6. Cant watch videos

    Flash isn't working on the Opera/Honeycomb combination. I thought it was working, but I think I was confusing my TF with my Galaxy Tab at the time. Regards, Dave
  7. It only really works if you are in the States anyway and can bring it back with you in your luggage. Of course, you don't want to bring it back "as new", because you can still get clobbered for VAT/duty etc, so you'll have to ditch all the packaging and receipts (post the receipt back home if necessary!), and maintain that you took the item out with you originally. If you do this, you should also bear in mind that depending on where in the US you buy the device, you may end up having to pay sales tax on the price anyway which varies from state to state. Regards, Dave
  8. Where's this come from? I'm not seeing any mentions of a new FOTA on XDA? Thanks, Dave
  9. And mine did! UPS delivered it this morning before 10am - shipping date shows it was sent out yesterday. Regards, Dave
  10. r1 12 May - Google Video Talk Installer

    Works on a Gingerbread Galaxy Tab 7", but rear camera only. On other devices, it is possible to switch between front and rear cameras? Regards, Dave
  11. Facebook app problem

    This only happens to me if I have the FB widget on a homescreen. If drop the widget, the app works fine. Having said that, I find it better to use the full web interface on the TF anyway. Regards, Dave
  12. new root, blob V5

    I can confirm that this worked for me, though I admit that I should've asked for the MD5 first. Anyway, it worked, so all good there. For anyone else, please check the MD5 sum first unless you are prepared to risk a brick! The MD5 for the blob linked above is: 8c9ef19b726e76fd73de4632db7e4288 Regards, Dave
  13. If you want to use both, for whatever reason, you can turn off notifications for one of the apps. Regards, Dave
  14. It's in /cache - you should be able to find the directory via the Asus File Manager on the Transformer! However, if you've wiped, I'd have thought it would have been deleted already. Regards, Dave