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  1. I'd be on for one - I'll keep an eye on this thread in case we have any progress.
  2. I've got my Touch HD but with a 24 month contract I rather need to keep it intact and the 'sock' it comes with it a bit pathetic. I've browsed over the cases at http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/cat/Touch-HD-Cases.htm but I'm in a bit of a dither - what would anyone recommend?
  3. Best deal for Touch HD

    Well I just started looking for a new phone and currently Orange are doing it for free on a Dolphin 35 (24month) for £29.36 http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/show/offer/d...in35-free-phone Does this sound good to anyone? I'm also curious if they will allow me to change to another "35" plan, from Dolphin within the 24 months.
  4. MDA Vario II Dis-assembley

    Thanks for the guide. Worked a treat for a minor repair :0
  5. Alarms not sounding

    No, all are fine and the alarms kicked off later after I had picked up the phone and dismissed some notifications. IS there a separate alarm clock app I could use as backup?
  6. There's something up with the alarms on my vario II (updated to WM6 T-mobile official). Now and again they don't sound ( as this morning) but I find the notifications on the screen when I pick it up. This is a big pain for me at the moment - anyone else seeing this?
  7. Official T-mobile WM6 download live?

    I've downloaded it. I would install now (over the previous "official" from my post at the start of the thread) but I can't risk the phone with anything for a few days as my wife is expecting our first any time now....
  8. I had a bit of a wander on the t-mobile.de site and found. http://www.t-mobile.de/downloads/t-mobile/...rforvista32.zip I'm not planning to try it as yet as I have the thing working about ok since my WM6 upgrade but it may be of use to someone. Quite why they can't sort out the phone software support for their own-brand phones at a european level is beyond me.
  9. Uninstalling the HTC USB drivers

    That was ticked, but I when I plugged it in, Vista was off installing drivers and failed with it sitting as an unknown device. I'm blaming this on the HTC drivers I used to try and get it working as a modem under WM5, but I could be wrong. Over Bluetooth I had ICS working, but not activsync, though ICS is upset this morning.
  10. I had these installed and working before I upgraded to WM6, but since then it (nearly) always fails to install the device. I' wondering if it is possible to clean them out and see if under WM6 it aggrees with vista with whatever drivers were there with the mobile device centre install. Any hints?
  11. Official T-mobile WM6 download live?

    Just to clarify, the stating point was a link from the tmobile.nl website, though not to the file we are using here.....
  12. Official T-mobile WM6 download live?

    I found it by following this link https://www.t-mobile.nl/zakelijk/htdocs/pag...-ii-update.aspx http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=339049" target="_blank">this thread on xda developers) which gave me a link to http://member.htc.com/ruudownload/t-mobile...Step1-TMNL.aspx which I changed to UK.aspx, and we're away. So yes it is from T-mobile, just not uk as such or yet or something.
  13. Official T-mobile WM6 download live?

    Well I am having problems connecting over USB to my Vista laptop. Could this be because I installed the HTC vista drivers and it want's to go aback to using the installed ones. However over bluetooth the Internet Sharing is working like a dream.
  14. Official T-mobile WM6 download live?

    In addition to removing the MSN features (I did use messenger on the home WLAN now and again and hotmail appearing in mail was nice), clicking on the link to msn messenger links me to a tmobile over-18 content lock!