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  1. Orange San Diego Review

    Hope you don't think this is spam but you can get £30 quid off the phone using https://www.quidco.com/user/1935794/581685/orange-pay-as-you-go-phones-sims So that knocks it down to 180 (including the £10 topup) I'm tempted to get one if it becomes hackable.
  2. So I noticed this when I first joined T-Mobile SIM-Only £10 30 day contract. Rang them up and pointed out this wasn't on any documentation. Took a while but in the end they admitted it and removed it. with 2 bars I just got 2886kbs But still get capped on uploads to ~512kps
  3. Thanks for this. Broke my nexus one and found out 14days for repair so got emergency "Orange San Francisco". Have rooted it and put r8 and it runs like a dream. Only two problems so far. * Number only shows up when I get an incoming call * ZTE Dialer app force closes. And is it possible to enable "CONFIG_UID_STAT" for the kernel config?