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  1. No change log so I'm not going to risk it until we find out what it does to rooted tabs!
  2. Now we have CWM for our rom, surely it can't be too hard to port some ROMs from similar devices. Might have a shot my self when I get set up (my main laptop is broken, so I don't have my android stuff installed :() (also thanks to the porter :))
  3. The annoying thing is, there are a massive range of simular tablets on the market, so we'll not struggle too hard to port the custom ROMs over. I really want to see that multiscreen mode Rockchip were demoing (and ported to devices)
  4. Just had a bit of a dodgy experience with my hudl charger. Massive flash of light and a big bang followed by scortched prongs and burnt plastic, as I was plugging it in. Credit to Tesco, they're willing to replace the unit as soon as I get a hold of the receipt. (and getting through to the hudl help line was free and easy, too :))
  5. I've been playing games and emulators fine. Don't have GTA to test, though.
  6. This is massive! Thank you, glossywhite :) it'll be fun to get the touchscreen etc working, aha.
  7. Doesn't even have the Play store. haha. edit: reminds me of this bit of poop (NEXT Tablet) - edit2: It does have the play store. It also has another app store. Weird.
  8. Rebranded bit of tat for sure.
  9. I'd be willing to try if you could find an RKFlashtools flashable file for me :)
  10. On the off chance you come across a blackberry playbook case on clearance - pick one up, fits my hudl perfect. really nice quality, and it was only 97p :)
  11. How did you manage to get it working? Didn't work at all for me.
  12. Not quite native, but awesome :) I tried to use the same app, but booting kept getting stuck.
  13. That's a shame :( Hopefully when we get the kernel source, etc, we can try again :)
  14. There was a dodgy Chinese program mentioned, that works. (seems dodgy, though :P)
  15. if you're really worrying, CWM will be out pretty soon, anyway. Can't get much more of a safety net, haha.

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