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  1. I upload the file to this post, I found it on my storage card. Enjoy! i780kbfix.rar
  2. I have problems with the sound on htc s710. If I enable sound the game works very slow.
  3. I just updated my phone. It seems to work ok. I did not notice the rom to be mutch faster. Anywayz, I`ll come back later after I play with it a little more.
  4. caraboy

    Backlight won't turn off!

    You can also use Resco Registry to edit registry on your phone. Core player used to keep my backlight open. Now it`s fixed. :)
  5. Can you please .zip the new htc homescreen? :( I would like to test it on my htc s710, to see if it`s working. You must copy the \Application Data\Home folder. Can you do that? cldchc, how can you make fakecursor work on windows mobile 6? What release do you have?
  6. The card slot cover is just to annoing! And I can`t get rid of it because I risk losing my card. How can you make such a stupid cover? <_<
  7. Ok I managed to make it work on HTC s710 or Orange spv650 in landscape mode. I attached the config I modified. The catch is to set it to landscape mode 1. You then launch the game and when you see the menu, then you can slide the keyboard and play. Remember, launch the game without the keyboard opened! In the middle of the game you can slide the keyboard and the graphics is not corrupted anymore. I remapped the keys to work after you slide it. I am usign spvduke version 0.4f (this is the version I have in my config). DUKE3D.zip
  8. I can answer your first question. Yes you can make calls to pc using skype for smartphone. It works on my htc s710 with windows mobile 6 and with a slower processor, it will work for sure on s730.
  9. Have some questions too. I now use a htc s710, and I like it very much. Can you compare s730 with s710 and tell us how fast is the new processor? I mean, open the calendar, then press the homescreen. Open for example resco explorer, then switch to another background app. I installed facade to be able to see more appointments on my homescreen, but when I press the home button I have a small delay in drawing it. Is this still happening in s730? PS: I like the new homescreen, can it be ported to s710? :( I found some replicas in this forum, but they all have some flaws. ;)
  10. Nice, it works fine on my htc s710. One thing though, could you add the tasks also on the homescreen? Also, the link to the task app is not working (when you press on an appointment).
  11. Where can I find versions from roozbeh? Did a search after doom and found a dozen of post. Can you post a link please. Back to topic: Works quite well on htc s710. There is one problem, I can`t exit it. I use some keyboard hooks program so I think this is why some buttons do not work for me. ;)
  12. Did someone manage to make this game work in landscape mode? I have a htc s710 and I edited the cfg file, set landscape to 1. But when I launch the game with qwerty opened and screen in landscape I see only corrupt graphics. ;) Too bad..
  13. Hello, These are my first two themes for htc s710. Should work on most smartphones (though I tested them only on WM6 QVGA htc). Paste the contents of the zip file to your /Application data/Home/ Then select blue or happy colour scheme from you phone settings. Please leave background to default to also apply the background. Here`s a screen from the first theme: PS: wallpapers are not mine, so copyright goes to their respective owner. I only integrated them in my scheme. And yes, the start bar is from smarttoolkit RC06: http://www.smarttoolkit.mobi/ If you like them I will make more of them. Later edit: added second picture. themes.zip
  14. ombre33, I am new to windows mobile. Can you tell me where can I get your black theme? I hate the green and blue ones that come with my HTC. About smarttoolkit, I think it`s a step forward in smartphone navigation. Not only in looks good, but also it is easy to use. Testing it right now on htc s710. One more thing. All this background app like camera, task, notes, do they drain you battery if they just stay in background? I do not need a lot of memory, my intention is to save battery. So apps that are idleing, like sms, camera, is it better to close them while in background? With smarttoolkit is so easy to manage tasks. It`s a very good app.